July Favorites


And just like that the 2nd month of summer is already over and it’s time for some July favorites! This month is very beauty heavy and by heavy I mean literally every item I’m going to talk about.  So here are some of my favorite things I discovered this month…

1. Bioderma Micellar Water – I have wanted to try this for ages but the only way to get it was by buying a giant bottle off Amazon and personally, buying a bottle that large for a product I’ve never used just did not seem like a good idea. Looking back now, I wish I had gotten the bigger bottle as I’ve discovered that I absolutely love this product. Birchbox started carrying this micellar water last month so I finally got to try it. I’ve used other micellar waters before and was pretty happy with them (i.e. the Garnier Micellar water is pretty good too if you don’t feel like ordering this online and would rather just stop by any drug store to get some) but this one blew me away. This takes all the make-up off completely and leaves your face so nice and clean. With other micellar waters I have always needed to use a cleanser to make sure all the residue was cleaned off but with Bioderma, there is no residue left. I am in love with this stuff.

IMG_64512. L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation – This took some hunting down as I had to go to 3 different stores to find this product when it first came out because it was either sold out in my color or just not on display at all. This foundation is medium coverage and leaves your skin looking nice and glowy. This is a perfect foundation for the summer. I apply it with a beauty blender and primers such as Becca’s Backlight primer and the Smashbox Photofinish oil primer for a very dewy finish. If you’re into the dewy/glowing look, try this foundation.

IMG_64463. Tangle Teezer – Having very curly hair, a detangling brush for the shower is a must and this brush is no joke. I just recently had my hair done for a wedding and had probably 2 bottles of hairspray in my hair ( the hair was supposed to withstand 99 degree heat with 100% humidity) and tons of bobby pins. So even thinking about washing my hair and untangling that mess gave me a headache. Luckily, with the Tangle Teezer it was just like any other day and took almost no time to brush everything out. This brush is a must have for curly haired girls as the shower is probably the only time we brush our hair. I bought mine at Sephora but it’s also available at Sally’s and on Amazon. Mine is specifically for curly hair but there are several options available.

IMG_64504. NYX Plush Gel Lipstick – NYX recently released these gel lipsticks and they are amazing! Not to mention, the price isn’t bad at all so if you wanted to get several colors, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. I personally love Nude Beach (a perfect nude lip) and Pastel Dust(a very summery pink/coral hue) but there are so many colors to chose from. They are long wearing and have a very smooth application. I got these at Ulta and would recommend stopping by and checking them out.

IMG_64525. Hair bows – I have recently gotten really into hair bows. I like them for wearing your hair half up, in a high ponytail, etc. I got both of these at Forever 21 and there were plenty more bows to chose from. I just think they’re fun and as they remind me of my childhood and my mom putting bows in my hair, I feel young when I wear these. Plus, they make it look like you put a lot of effort into a hairstyle that most likely took no more than 5 minutes.


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  1. jess09xo says:

    I love tangle teezers! Mine is literally a life saver🙌
    Would you mind checking out my blog I also did a July favourites post!x
    My link is~ https://jess09xobeauty.wordpress.com/

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  2. Molly says:

    I’ve heard the best things about that foundation! Fab post!


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