Day to Night Look Transition

Being able to transition a look from day to night is an essential skill to have if you are someone that goes out after work/school frequently. There are many ways to make this transition easier and the biggest way is the utilization of accessories. Well, accessories and shoes.

Dresses will always be my go to for days that I know I have plans in the morning and evening. I like to go for dresses that are conservative in the front and open or fun in the back (like a mullet –  business in the front, party in the back) because the back is easy to hide with blazers and cardigans for work or other professional events but they easily come off at night to show off your fun side.

Shoes make a big impact as well. During the day, especially at work, open toed shoes are not considered professional. Flats are more acceptable as well as lower heeled (2-3 inches max) closed toed shoes. This is why those cute open toed sandals should be saved for going out at night.

Accessories wise – statement necklaces have become acceptable in the work field so those can be worn for the day time look and the unique or more modern pieces can be saved for the night time look. Dainty necklaces or ones that are on the simple but classic side are also great for daytime looks (AUrate New York has some beautiful gold necklaces that are great for every day wear if you’re looking to invest in some timeless, yet really unique pieces).

Here is how I handle the transition…

DSC04318 (3).jpg

Bright colored blazers are always a great way to make your professional clothes more exciting. There are many options on Amazon as well as most stores that carry professional clothes. Forever 21 and H&M frequently carry these as well, if you are looking for a more affordable option.


For the night time look, I changed my accessories to something more contemporary, added a bright colored clutch and changed into strappy open toed sandals.


A closer look at my night time accessories. This beautiful necklace is from Express and is available in silver and gold.


As always, I hope this was helpful and provided some inspiration.

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  1. Serena says:

    Love the necklace!!!


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