Pinafore Dresses – Fall Edition

I’ve posted about pinafore dresses before but my appreciation for them increased with fall being here. Pairing the pinafore dress with long sleeved shirts has been my new go – to look. I especially like pairing the pinafore up with striped long sleeved tops. My pinafore (get it here from ASOS) is especially easy to pair with most outfits since it is black. It is available on the ASOS website in several different colors (other great ones for fall like gray and olive). I am also loving the denim ones that just bring you right back to the 90s. I wore those all throughout my childhood and it’s kind of endearing to get to wear them again as an adult.

With pinafores, the important thing to watch is the neckline when choosing what to wear underneath them. I just make sure the neckline of the shirt that I’m layering the pinafore with is above the neckline of the pinafore dress itself.

Here is how I styled mine:


I paired mine with a black and white striped top and white Keds. This reminds me a bit of Wednesday Addams (just a few pigtails away) but I love this look for fall.

Here are some pinafores I found online that I think would be great for fall:

Grey Pinafore Dress from ASOS

Denim Pinafore from Urban Outfitters

Denim Pinafore from Boohoo

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  1. imeastyle says:

    I love this outfit, especially the simple black and white colours you used!

    //Timi from

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