What to Wear With Olive Green?


Olive green is my favorite color to wear in the fall. Actually, olive green is probably one of my favorite colors to wear in general. It is ultra-flattering and adds a “military” look to most clothes and military style is one of my favorite trends for clothing. All that being said, I have always had trouble pairing up olive green with other colors. It is a neutral, but one that doesn’t really go with all other colors. With all that in consideration, I decided to come up with my guide of what colors or styles to pair up with olive green. The star of the show were my olive green skinnies that I bought at TjMaxx from the company Love Fire. They are ultra-comfortable and soft and if you can get your hands on them or a similar pair, I would highly recommend that.


First up, we have the olive green skinnies paired up with a denim or chambray button up top. Since you can wear any color or any pattern with a pair of jeans, here it’s the reverse effect. You can wear anything with a denim top and that’s why I love to pair the two together. Adding a scarf would definitely add to this look (something with a neutral colored pattern would look great) and wearing this with flats would also look great. Flats with snakeskin or leopard pattern would do well with this color combination.


Next, I paired up the olive green pants with a white cowl neck top from Forever 21. White also goes with everything so it’s easy to pair the two up. This shirt from Forever21 is actually a great transition piece from summer to fall as it has a neckline that is typically reserved for long sleeve items but here is serving as something more open. A jacket or a cardigan would also look great on this when it gets cooler.


This look is the fanciest of the four – definitely more of a going out look. In this one, I am wearing the olive skinnies with this black off shoulder peplum top from Windsor that is super gorgeous and probably deserves a separate post praising it. This shirt is perfect for going out in the fall and black goes well with everything so it was a no-brainer for me to pair the two up. I added some black stilletos with a gold back and a gold choker and earrings for accessories.


The next look is featuring a simple gray tee (also from Forever 21 – side note, these basic v-neck tees from Forever 21 are a must have for everyone. They go with everything and are super affordable. I recommend stocking up). I love the color combination of gray and olive green. I would probably say it’s my favorite combination of all the ones I am going to show here today. This look is super simple yet still chic. I added snakeskin flats from Express to add some variety.

Some other colors that go well with olive green that weren’t mentioned above include navy blue, yellow and striped black and white tops (I’m aware that’s not a color but I just thought I’d mention it). I am not a big fan of orange, red or purple with olive green.

I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to follow me @styleprn


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  1. tom says:

    In the Army, it was known as OD for Olive Drab. But with you it is Olive Never Drab

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well thank you! I can see how if it’s all you can wear it wouldn’t be very exciting anymore


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