Fall Lookbook – Dress Edition

Dresses are and have always been my favorite type of clothing to wear. I think a lot of people forget about dresses when the temperatures drop but in reality, there are so many more ways to style dresses in the fall and winter that they should climb to the top of your list when selecting outfits during those seasons. All you need is some tights and a sweater sometimes to even use your summer dresses in the fall and winter.

I’m going to share with you my picks for dresses for fall and also share some finds that are currently available that are similar to the styles I’ve chosen.

Plaid Dresses


Nothing says fall more than plaid. This is definitely evident as everyone’s Instagram feeds are full of people picking pumpkins in their plaid shirts and yellow and orange filled backgrounds of trees. Plaid can also be worn as dresses which I definitely do not see as often. I bought this plaid button down dress from Lulu’s and will definitely be wearing it several times this season. The material is enough to keep you warm and the colors are beautiful. Forever 21 actually has an array of plaid dresses to choose from like this one and this one if you are looking for more affordable versions.

Print Dresses


Print dresses are great because they don’t require much additions when it comes to styling them since they have so much on them as it is. I always go for solid colored tights when wearing print dresses so that patterns don’t clash. You also don’t need as many accessories when styling print dresses for the same reason. I got my print dress from Express and unfortunately, it is no longer available but similar ones like this one can be found on the site and in stores. Lulu’s actually has an impressive selection and a whole search filter dedicated to print dresses so definitely make sure to check that out. Sophie and Trey also has a great selection for print dresses that are a little more affordable than the Lulu’s ones. If you want to go even more affordable than that, Forever 21 is always a great option as well. All the links will take you directly to the print dress search page.


I also like wearing more bodycon type dresses with long sweaters and cardigans in the fall and pair them up with patterned tights and booties. That is definitely one of my go to looks during that season.

As always, I hope this was helpful and provided some inspiration. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @styleprn for daily outfits, make up and reviews and travel photos.

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  1. elmbennet says:

    Adore the plan dress and healed boot look, it’s the absolute best outfit for every fall occasion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I love that look too!


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