March Favorites

I am so excited that March is now over as this means that I am officially done with pharmacy school rotations AND it’s my graduation month now! I’ve been waiting for April 2017 for 4 years now so I am excited it’s finally here. As far as my favorites go this month, I have quite a mix of beauty products, fashion favorites and a TV show. I am also hoping with graduation will come a lot more free time for blogging and my posts will become more frequent. So with all that covered, let’s get started!

Beauty Favorites:

unnamed (1)Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 – This is an absolute must have for anyone with color treated or damaged hair. My hair is currently not color treated but due to weekly blow outs, other use of heat tools, etc. – my hair is very damaged. It is also curly which makes it naturally more dry and prone to breakage. With all that being said, after just using this product once, I saw a difference in my hair. I’ve used this product 3 times now and can already say that I will be re-purhcasing this again and again. This is something a lot of people get done at salons after getting their hair color treated but I just bought this off Amazon and have been using it prior to shampooing. I used it once a week for two weeks and now am spacing it out to every other week. The way I use this is I wet my hair completely and then apply the product all over my hair and comb it through then leave it in for 30 minutes. I then go on and wash and condition my hair ( I make sure not to use a clarifying shampoo when using this product) and blow dry or style as I normally do after. This will make your hair softer, shinier and so much easier to work with. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this product.

unnamed (4)OPI “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” – For those that regulary read my post, this nail polish was recently mentioned in my Spring Nail Polish Favorites. This nail polish is the newest in my collection and I am so in love with it. I think it’s the perfect nude nail polish and looks so flattering on every skin tone. It looks great on short and long nails. You can’t go wrong with OPI’s formula so this also lasts a while before starting to chip.

BeautyCon Box – I thought about doing a whole separate post on my new subscrtiption to BeautyCon but I decided to just put it in my favorites instead. If anyone would like to see a full review, let me know. I would be happy to talk about each product in the box. So this is a seasonal subscription box aka you only get one per season and this was the first time I signed up so I got the spring box. It is still not too late to sign up if you want to receive the spring box as they still have them in stock. This box was $26.10 ( I used the promocode DACEY10 to get 10% off my purchase) and had over $150 worth of products inside. Some of the things that were sent this month included a full size eyeshadow palette by Cargo Cosmetics, an orchid oil hair spray by Organix, a liquid lipstick by a brand called Dirty Little Secret and several other items. My favorites were definitely the palette and the liquid lipstick. There was also a full size box of the new Garnier micellar make up wipes, an eyebrow powder product and a body oil. I highly recommend checking out this subscription service as it’s a great deal and has a great variety of products. You can see all the things that were sent to me in the featured image.

Fashion Favorites:

Slim Fit Treggings – I got what I call my “dress pant leggings” at H&M recently in navy blue and had to go back to get the same ones in black because these are now my favorite dress pants or you know, leggings. These look just like dress pants so you can wear them to work or school but are actually on an elastic waistband so they’re technically leggings and are ultra comfortable and super cute. They’re also really affordable as dress pants are usually pretty pricey. I highly recommend picking these up at your local H&M or getting them online.

Miscellaneous Favorites:

HBO’s Big Little Lies – A few months back I talked about the book Big Little Lies in my favorites and now it’s time to talk about the show. HBO picked up the book to create a one season mini-series and they have done an amazing job with it. They have changed some aspects of the book for the show but that’s what makes it more interesting to watch if you’ve already read the book. I have been watching this with my fiancé and he’s enjoying it as well so I can say that it’s not just geared towards women but both men and women should enjoy this show.


That’s all I have this month for my favorites. Let me know if you have any questions about anything mentioned and what your favorites were this month. As always, all the titles of my favorite products are links to where you can find those products. I will be posting my March Brand Spotlight in the next few days about a brand called H2O+ Beauty so be on the lookout for that!


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  1. Meza Mtshali says:

    Hey Beautiful, I really enjoyed your post …keep it up


  2. that OPI polish is gorgeous !

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    1. Thank you! I love that color!

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  3. brushyneedle says:

    Congrats on your graduation dear ❤ Lovely post!

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    1. Thank you so much!

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  4. Habitstoglow says:

    Nice one! Love the products you featured! 😀

    Stay Pretty,
    Christabel |

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