Channeling the Sun…Dress

There is something special about wearing yellow – something about it that can brighten your day. I remember wearing a bright yellow blazer at one of my hospital rotations and someone yelled across the hall that I’m a “little ray of sunshine.” If you want to deviate from your usual neutrals and make someone’s day, this is the outfit for you.

While browsing online for clothes, something I do quite often (shocker, I know), yellow clothing always draws my attention. When I stumbled upon this dress from Venus, I knew I absolutely had to have it for my upcoming beach vacation (upcoming at the time – I am happily writing this from the beach). Venus always has a great selection of dresses and one of my favorite things about the company is that they keep items in stock for a long time, so it gives you some wiggle room to actually decide on whether or not you should get an item. This also makes for a great place to get items for the blog since I can guarantee that even if it takes me a little while to get pictures in a certain item, it will still be in stock when it comes time for me to write about it.

The dress fits so well and runs true to size. I am 5’5’’ and the dress was a perfect length for me. I can wear it with flat sandals as well as with a high heeled sandal (although I would recommend sticking to wedges unless you are okay with sinking into the grass/sand). The gold detail on the chest is gorgeous and eliminates the need for a necklace, although I would recommend a gold bracelet and some rings to accessorize if you are feeling particularly fancy.

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DSC03017 (1)DSC03021DSC03060DSC03118unnamed (2)


      1. You’re right!! Yellow is so perfect for the summer! I have been on the hunt for an off the shoulder yellow dress for a while, I think I finally found one! Here’s to hoping it’s as cute on me as it is on the website! lol

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  1. I love it!! I love yellow it is such an underrated colour!! I recently brought a yellow rain coat and I think it is my most favourite piece of clothing I have ever purchased! Yay for yellow xx

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  2. This maxi dress is soooooo gorgeous! And you look absolutely stunning in it!!! Your figure is to-die-for, guuuurl! ❤ I actually don't have any yellow clothing item because the color washes me out but I have to agree that it's such a fun and happy color. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your beach trip! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, girl! You are so sweet! Yellow is definitely an intimidating color to wear – I don’t put it on unless I’ve gotten some color haha. I did enjoy my trip! Thanks for reading 🙂


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