How to Wear Peg Pants

Hello, loves! I am back from a mini blog hiatus but I have my wedding to blame for that 🙂 Now that all the festivities are over and things are settling down ( and yours truly is back to work) it’s time to get back to business and put out some great reading and looking material.

If you’re wondering what peg pants are – they are those pants you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest and Instagram being styled in many different ways. They are high waisted, typically have either a bow or ruffles (or both) right on the top and typically are ankle length. I’ve loved these pants since I’ve first laid my eyes on them and was excited to finally snag a pair.

I decided to go with an olive pair since, obviously, fall is here and what color represents fall more than olive? The lovely people at SheIn were nice enough to send me this pair and I’ve been playing around with how to style the pants or a few weeks now. The conclusion I’ve come to is that when it comes to peg pants, your besties will be bodysuits or tops that can be tucked in because obviously you want to show off the pretty bow and the fact that the pants are high waisted. Crop tops are a great choice as well as they also give the ability to show off the high waisted aspect and the details on top. When it comes to shoes, these are better styled with heels as the cut of the pants can otherwise make your legs look shorter. My pair only comes as a one size option (and for reference, I am typically a size 2 for most brands) but these ones are also available on the website in different sizes and are essentially, the same thing. Since my pants were olive, I decided to go with a black top and some gold accessories. Some other colors I like to pair up with olive include gray, white, burgundy and leopard print (we’ll count that as a color for the purpose of this post).

SheIn is a great place to go for affordable fashion and the latest trends. When looking for peg pants I stumbled over countless versions and am excited to provide you guys with some other options as well:

If you’re into gingham – look here

If you’re into the more classic black – look here

If you’re into pintstripes – look here

Let me know what you think of this look and if you’re into the peg pants as well! If you’re wondering what’s up next – my top favorite mascaras are coming to Style As Needed this Sunday! As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. such a cute outfit & those shoes are stunning! 😊


  2. Caitlin Cowell says:

    So cute, and congratulations!


  3. Siyana says:

    I’m loving those! Such a classy outfit! x

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    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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