Brand Spotlight: Ouai

Back with a Brand Spotlight and today, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite new hair brands – Ouai. This brand came into the picture for me about two years ago and I’ve slowly been trying out new products by them thanks to my subscription boxes and YouTuber recommendations. I ran a poll on my Instagram stories when I was trying to decide which brand to pick next for this series and got down to two choices – Ouai and Living Proof. The majority voted for Ouai which was a bit of a relief because this brand has a lot less products to feature and trying out even 5 or 6 paints a pretty good picture of what you’re getting into with Ouai. Living Proof is a whole different story.

For those not familiar with Ouai, it’s a brand that was created by hair stylist Jen Atkin. She wanted to create a brand that focused on restoring health to hair and having easy to use products that would become a staple in a busy woman’s life.

After trying out 5 products from this line, there is one thing that has stood out to me about this brand and that is innovation. They are constantly coming out with products that are different than anything else you’ll see. I’ll be talking more about that later in the specific products that impressed me in this aspect. Another characteristic of Ouai hair products that is always present is the scent. These products are heavily fragranced but not in a bad way. In a “I want more” way. I am someone that is pretty sensitive to strong scents and I seriously can’t get enough of Ouai hair products.

So let’s get into these reviews…

Wave Spray – This product is actually made with rice protein instead of sea salt which means 1)it’s not drying and 2)it’s safe with color or keratin treated hair. The way I used this spray was on the last day of a blow out, I would spray some water in my hair and make the waves come out more and then lock them in with this spray. This product has quite a strong scent (as do literally all Ouai products) but it’s nice and floral. I am not someone that uses wave sprays a lot because my hair is a bit too curly for them but the few times I used this, I’d say it wasn’t bad.

Rose Hair and Body Oil – This is one of my favorite products that I’ll be talking about today. I only used this as a hair oil and this stuff made my hair shinier and way more hydrated. I would apply this at the ends after I would blow my hair out and at bedtime and got great results. This stuff smells great and isn’t as “oily” as some other oils so I think it’s a bit easier to use. I’ll definitely be buying the full size bottle. This product gets an A+ from me

Treatment Mask – If you’re looking for a mask that will reverse some serious damage, look no further. This claims to make hair softer and more manageable after just one use and that claim is true. My hair felt incredible after using this mask and I saw a huge difference in how healthy the hair looked overall. I tend to keep masks in my hair longer than the recommended time to get more benefit out of them so with this one, I kept it in my hair for 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

Memory Mist – This is a multitasking priming spray which protects your hair from heat, adds shine and “memory” aka it locks your style in and let’s you enjoy it an extra day or two. A great example of using this would be if you blow out your hair and use a curling wand after to create a look, this mist will make that look last longer. The reason I love this spray is that it’s meant to be used on dry hair and it’s hard to find heat protectants that are good on dry hair. The whole adding shine thing is a major bonus for me too. I don’t think the memory aspect works as well as I’d like it to but it’s still a good product and I’d still re-purchase for the heat protection and shine adding aspect. This product is super innovative and touches on what I talked about in the introduction – this brand is great at coming up with multi tasking innovative products that make your hair routine so much easier.

Dry Shampoo Foam – This is hands down my favorite product by Ouai. This product converted me from a spray dry shampoo user to foam only. I feel like none of my other dry shampoos do as good of a job at prolonging time between washes as this does. This product comes out in foam form and gets applied to areas where you feel like you need the most help and literally drenches your hair in the product. Once you get finished working the product into your hair, it almost looks like you just washed it. It’s amazing. This also smells great which helps when your hair is in a desperate need of washing. This is by far the stand out product for me from this brand and the one I’d recommend trying.

That’s all I have for this brand spotlight. Any ideas for which brand I should spotlight next? Any other products by Ouai that you recommend for me? Please let me know! I love reading your comments!

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    I just can’t get past the price! 😦 Love the review though – great thoughts!

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