Make Up Storage Tips

When you’re addicted to make up and beauty products, things can get a little messy – in terms of storage that is. Looking at my vanity now, I am still trying to wrap my mind about where I used to store all my products. I’ve gone through several different storage options and until I finally obtain the vanity of my dreams (aka a white vanity with big mirrors and many cabinets) I think my storage options are as good as they can get.

I do think I can still work on some aspects – for example, I have a “to try” box which is my box of stuff I bought, received in subscription boxes, etc. that I have not even had the chance to try yet and that box is currently overflowing. So that area of my vanity could definitely use some help. But other things like palettes and brushes are looking pretty good.

Alright, let’s get into these tips.


This is probably the easiest area because brush storage can range from DIY projects to store brought containers. If you type “DIY brush holder” into Pinterest, tons of images will pop up. For example, you can take a mason jar, fill it up with some marbles at the bottom and stick all your brushes in there and voila – easy, cheap and looks really nice. You can also take a cute coffee mug (a taller one would work best) and just put all your brushes in there. There’s beautiful white mugs with gold and silver letters and you could totally get a mug with a letter for your first name and one for your last name and use one mug for eye brushes and the other for face brushes (or an E mug for Eyes and F for face, just a thought).


I personally use this organizer from Amazon because it gives me three separate sections. I use one section for eye brushes, one for face brushes and one for eyeliners/brow pencils. Makes everything look very organized and easy to find.

Mascaras/Tube Products

I actually store all my mascaras and concealers in an old container that a MAC make up brush set came in. The container splits in two and I put mascaras in one side and concealers in the other. If you ever buy anything that comes in a cylindrical container that splits – you can do the same thing. You can also follow the advice from the brushes section and just grab a cute coffee mug and stick all your tube products in there.


The most recent addition to my make up organizer club is this acrylic palette holder. I’ll admit, it doesn’t quite fit all my palettes but that’s my own problem. Also, if you’re expecting this to hold huge palettes like the ones from Morphe, I would look for something else. This palette organizer is perfect for standard sized palettes and mine currently holds 14 palettes. Yes, some are stored behind others but the way it’s organized, I can still see them and don’t neglect any of the palettes. There are also organizers that have your palettes all laying down, but I prefer mine because I can see them all easily.

Individual Eyeshadows/Lipsticks

The organizer I use was actually found at TjMaxx but there are so many just like it. In fact, this one from Amazon is exactly the same as the one I use. I store all my lipsticks in this type of organizer. Mine has three sections so I’ve separate them into lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Makes it a lot easier to navigate through everything. I also store my individual eyeshadows and small palettes in the same type of container. I have one section for all my MAC eyeshadows, one with miscellaneous brands of individual eyeshadows and one that has small eyeshadow palettes and Stila glitters.

Everything Else

When it comes to foundations, creams, blushes, bronzers and highlighters, I have all mine stored in this container. On top in the left open section I have my foundations. Next in the little compartments where you can store tubes, I have primers, moisturizers, etc. Then in the three section below, I have, in order: highlighters, blushes and bronzers. This way I always know where to look for each product and don’t have to spend time rummaging through my stash for a specific blush or bronzer.

DSC09218 (1).jpg

My setting sprays and moisturizer bottles are all on top of one of my individual eye shadow organizers. I keep them all up there so that they are visible and because my vanity already has enough stuff sitting on it.

I personally prefer acrylic organizers because I like being able to see through them since I think it makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. Some people may argue that they don’t look as nice and while I agree, but, I’m going for a more practical approach here. They do get dirty quickly as any finger print or smudge instantly shows up. I do recommend checking out stores like TjMaxx/Target/Marshall’s for these types of products if you’re not looking to spend a lot but still want to get your vanity to look great and not cluttered.

I hope you guys found this helpful! Let me know how you store your products and what suggestions you have for me! As always, thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me on InstagramPinterest and like my Facebook page!

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  1. Thanks for the handy advice! x

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  2. I love the way you style your eyeshadow palettes!

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    Such great tips ! Thank you for sharing ! X

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    Thanks for the tips dear

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