Brand Spotlight: The Ordinary

Hi guys! Long time, no Brand Spotlight! But have no fear, your favorite guinea pig is here, and this month I am sharing a super affordable brand that swept Sephora by storm (and since, has sadly left the shelves of Sephora).  The price point was really shocking for a Sephora brand – they were selling serums and skincare products that were under $10… while Sephora was even selling their own brand at a higher cost. It was so popular that, anytime I tried to get my hands on something from the Ordinary, it was out of stock.  But that’s not the only thing “extra-ordinary” (sorry, had to) about this brand: there was a lot of drama surrounding some of their social media claims and their unexpected departure from Sephora.  

If all drama wasn’t enough, the Ordinary loves to leave their customers confused as to what their products even do. The product name is of no help at all! When I first discovered the brand, I was at a loss and needed to do some further research before I even placed an order (but perhaps that is all part of their strategy?). With names like “The Buffet” and“Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%”, someone who is not versed in skincare might not have any idea of what they need or even want. I actually found this article which broke it down by skincare need and product which was super helpful if you are looking to place an order.

Prior to the Spotlight planning, I had already had two items in my collection and had to order four more things from Deciem’s website where you can find most of The Ordinary products. As always, I try to get a nice range  of products so you can get a comprehensive idea of the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, so without further ado –the good, the bad and the ugly.


Caffeine Solution 5%+ EGCG – $6.70 – “Reduces appearance of eye contour pigmentation and of puffiness”.

This serum has a very high concentration of caffeine and green tea and thus tries to reduce the darkness and puffiness of your under eye area. After using this serum for two weeks, I can’t say I saw crazy results but I honestly don’t have puffiness, so this is not something I would reach for – I would love to hear if someone who does get puffy eyes saw an improvement. I do get some dark circles under my eyes and it didn’t look too bad while I was using serum, so I would overall recommend trying it  — after all have you seen the price of it?

Buffet – $14.90 – “Multi technology peptide serum”.

This serum targets three different things – aging, hydration and evening out your complexion. Aka, if you don’t know where to start with this line but definitely want to try one product, this is it. Because it is supposed to be their panacea, this will also be the most popular item in their line. And as such, its something I have owned for month and have been able to use – albeit not every consistently (I like to mix and match my serums). Overall, I will say that it’s nice to have one that targets multiple problem areas but it makes it difficult to know if it is helping. What I really liked is the applicator – a pipette that lets you control how much product you’re getting and instead of having to manage a super bulky container. However, all the Ordinary product do all come in glass bottles though, so be careful.

Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% – $12.90 – “A brightening serum with stabilized vitamin C derivative”

This serum was my introduction on the vitamin C brightening serums game. I have been hearing for months now that Vitamin C is the thing to look for in serums for brightening and more youthful looking skin and I will say, my complexion has seemed more radiant since I’ve started using this serum.Yes, I have other brightening serums that do a way better job but they also cost 10x more, so if you’re balling on a budget, this is something to look into.


100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil – $6.80 – “Daily support formula for hair and skin”

This is my least favorite from the bunch! I just couldn’t deal with the smell of it! I have a ton of products that use both Moroccan and argan oils and these always smells so good, however this was a complete anomaly. But for my readers, I persevered and used it anyway, just to be underwhelmed by the results in my hair. Needless to say, it will be on the “not repurchase”list and go right in the bin.

Make Up

High Adherence Silicone Primer – $4.90 This is a great silicone primer. If you aren’t a priming expert, I like to have a silicone primer around for long wearing days, but I find that it clashes with a lot of my foundations. Clashing or “pilling” is when you apply foundation on your skin and notice it literally rolling up on your skin in little balls – not attractive.  I wouldn’t recommend these types of primers for those who aren’t very into make up, but as far as judging this primer on its foundation prolonging properties, it definitely gets the job done.

Serum Foundation–$6.70- Online shopping for foundation is not easy, so of course, I did not get the right shade for myself. However, I was able to get this foundation to blend in so well that I was super impressed with it. This foundation is designed for hydrated skin, so make sure you exfoliate well and hydrate so it does not emphasize dry patches.  Its also a very light-weight and low coverage foundation which is a matter of preference for you and your skin needs . It is also very “liquidy” due to it’s serum base, so use a beauty blender for application if you don’t want a mess on your hands. Overall, I really liked this foundation, and can see myself reaching for it in the summer,however it is probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

In Conclusion

Rating: Yuliya Approved!  


  • The Price is right
  • Pick products based on your skin type


  • Hard to understand what the products do

Favorites: Serum Foundation and the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution

As always, I love to know what you think and what brands you want me to try next! Comments welcome down below! Thanks for reading!

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  1. that brightening serum sounds really nice! i’ve heard a lot about this brand, but haven’t gotten around to trying anything yet 🙌🏻 this was so helpful!


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