Recent Empties – April, May and June

Warning: major empties post with lots of products ahead. I’ve been trying out new products left and right and using up some of my holy grail products so I have a lot to talk about. I’ve been making myself go through my “to try” stash every Sunday for products to try out the following week and laying them out on my vanity, as a reminder. A little excessive? Probably. This is what happens when you buy too much make up and have too many subscription services which deliver even more make up to your door every month. Oh well, what’s my blog for if not to share my finds with you guys?

So, today’s post will be categorized by big sections aka make up and skincare and little sub-sections such as moisturizers, serums, mascaras, etc. Anyway, you’ll see. Let’s just get into it.

Make Up


Nars – Climax Mascara

Honestly, I was very underwhelmed by this mascara. It didn’t volumize my lashes as much as I would have expected and it didn’t add more length than most of my drugstore mascaras while costing about 2-3 times more than those. So, in other words, I don’t recommend this. Save your money.

Price: $24

Would I re-purchase? Nope.

Buxom – Lash Volumizing Mascara

I actually snagged this for $10 at Ulta during a promotion when most high end popular mascaras were only $10 which was a great day because this girl absolutely loves mascara. This was a pleasant surprise because I honestly had no idea what to expect since I’ve never tried a Buxom mascara before. This had a plastic wand (which I’m personally always a fan of) and was a great day-to-day mascara. I wouldn’t say this was my go-to for when I wanted really big “going out” lashes but for work, it “worked” great.

Price: $22

Would I re-purchase? If I could snag it again for $10, yes. For the real price, probably not.

Lancome – Monsieur Big

Despite not being able to spell the name of this mascara without actually having to look it up, this is my current favorite. By current, I mean probably for the last year or so. This mascara is the bomb dot com and has gone on every vacation, trip, outing with me since I’ve discovered it. This gives you so much volume and so much length and the effect last all day. Highly, highly recommend picking this one up if you haven’t tried this already.

Price: $25

Would I re-purchase? Hell, yes.

Setting Sprays

Urban Decay- All Nighter Setting Spray

I actually really liked this setting spray and the only reason I wouldn’t re-purchase it is because I like the Morphe one more and it’s a lot more affordable. This one does a great job locking in your make up and has a great nozzle which is probably the second most important aspect of setting sprays. Actually, it might be the most important because a great formula but a crappy nozzle that spits out droplets instead of a mist could ruin your make up and that’s just not worth it at all.

Price: $33

Would I re-purchase? No but only because of the price and what I mentioned earlier.

Morphe – Continuous Setting Mist

This is the product I mentioned above in my Urban Decay setting spray review. This is hands down, my favorite setting spray of all time and the only one I will definitely continue to re-purchase. This has the finest, most satisfying mist and the price is great as well. This locks in your make up and makes it look “melted” into your skin but in a good way. Grab this at your local Ulta. You won’t be disappointed.

Price: $16

Would I re-purchase? Already have.


Colourpop – Jelly Much Eyeshadow

I’m not even going to write about which color I got because I absolutely hated the formula of this eyeshadow. I thought this would be a great eyeshadow for lazy days to just swipe on with your fingers and go but I was very wrong. This is so hard to get on evenly and gets all over the place leaving you with the messiest application and glitter everywhere. This isn’t technically even an empty, I’m just throwing it out. 

Price: $8

Would I re-purchase? Hell, no.

Foundation Primer

Hourglass – Veil Primer

I’ve never had much luck with Hourglass products (up until recently at least, helloooo Caution Mascara ) and this one was exception. I just can’t say I love primers with this consistency. This one left a white cast and pilled up with so many of my foundations. I am glad I only had the little size of this one.

Price: $54

Would I re-purchase? No.


Sleeping Mask

Laneige – Water Sleeping Mask

This is my second little travel size jar I’ve used up of this product and I definitely love what it does for my skin. This is a great sleeping mask to take on a plane to make sure your skin stays hydrated. It sinks right into your skin and keeps your skin looking nice and supple. Don’t put on too much though or you’ll stick to the pillow and keep waking up all night to un-stick your face from the sheets. Yes, spoken from experience.

Price: $25

Would I re-purchase? Yes.


Ole Henriksen – Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum

This was actually sent to me via Influencer which I’m very happy about because I am not so sure I would have purchased it otherwise. This is a lavender serum with retinol which does wonders for your skin. I absolutely loved this serum. It brightened my skin and made it look so much healthier and more hydrated and I loved every part of the application process including the scent and the formula. I would highly recommend checking this out.

Price: $58

Would I re-purchase? Yes. Or, well, purchase since you know, I didn’t actually pay for it the first time.

Estee Lauder – Advanced Night Repair

The only reason I purchased this was because I went to an Estee Lauder event where they talked about what an amazing product this is so I wanted to try it out but I honestly did not see a difference in my skin at all with this serum. It’s also incredibly expensive which makes it even more disappointing looking back at how much I paid for it to see no results.

Price: $100

Would I re-purchase? Absolutely not.


Drunk Elephant – Protini Polypeptide Cream

Drunk Elephant is one of those brands that I’m pretty sure everyone wants to try but most of us are intimidated by the price tag. The products all cost a pretty penny but the amount of hype surrounding them also makes them super intriguing and seem even more prestigious. I was super excited to find out that the Sephora birthday gift this year for Rouge members included the choice of a Drunk Elephant travel size pack which included this cream. I actually really really liked this cream and how it made my skin look but I’ve tried so many other face creams that I think do a good job as well, I just can’t justify the price tag.

Price: $68

Would I re-purchase? Probably not.

Garnier – Clearly Brighter Brightening and Smoothing Daily Mosturizer with SPF 15

This moisturizer became a staple in my make up routine almost instantly after first picking it up. This does a great job brightening your skin and is the perfect moisturizer for summer because it also has SPF in it. I recently picked up the new Garnier moisturizer as well and can’t wait to try that one out so stay tuned for that review. Moisturizers at the drug store can be amazing and definitely show that you don’t have to spend $50-60 for good results.

Price: $14.99

Would I re-purchase? Yes 

It Cosmetics – Secret Sauce

This one was sent as a sample in one of my subscription services and I am so happy I got to try it out. This was a great moisturizer. My friend was trying it out at the same time and was loving it as much as I was. This is good for sensitive skin, gives you all the hydration you need and sinks in right away without too much effort.

Price: $68

Would I re-purchase? Yes.

Eye Cream

First Aid Beauty – Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Eye Cream

I got this while I was on the hunt for an affordable eye cream because I do believe that good ones exist and I did really like this one. I don’t think this offers too much anti-aging benefits but it does a great job brightening and hydrating your undereye area and I think this provided a better canvas for concealer to go on. I would re-purchase but I’m currently trying out a different cream.

Price: $36

Would I re-purchase? Yes.

Face Mask

Glamglow – Gravitymud Firming Treatment

Glamglow masks used to be so prestigious and highly wanted in my mind that I think I overhyped them, a little bit. This one goes on silver and makes you look like the Tin Man and claims anti-aging benefits. I can’t say I noticed too much of a difference after this one, so I don’t think I’d buy the full size. I do however, absolutely love the Thirstymud mask by Glamglow.

Price: $19 for travel size (what I had) and $69 for full size

Would I re-purchase? No.

Micellar Water

Bioderma – Micellar Water

My favorite micellar water of all time. I will keep re-purchasing this over and over. This takes off all my eye make up without any trace left behind. It has become so much more readily available too which is great because I used to have to rely on Amazon to buy it and now I’m starting to see it in stores.

Price: Depends on the size. I buy the biggest bottle which is $15

Would I re-purchase? Already have.


Base Coat

Orly – Bonder

My all time favorite base coat. Actually, this is also the base coat I see used in salons the most so I think that also says something about the quality. It dries super fast, helps keep your nails from getting stained and also keeps your nails stronger. Great stuff. This is probably my 4-5th bottle.

Price: $10

Would I re-purchase? Already have.

That’s all I have for you guys! And yes, I know, that was a lot of products but I told you, I’ve been trying out so much new stuff! Do you guys prefer monthly empties or a bigger round up when there’s a lot of products? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!

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