Travel Favorites

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since there’s been any kind of favorites post and since I just recently got back from vacation (ola Portugal! I miss you!), I decided it’d be fitting to write about my favorite things from vacation. No, this isn’t going to be about my favorite things I saw and did in Portugal. I’ll save that for my travel posts. This will be more of the materialistic side – aka my favorite make up, clothing and miscellaneous things I brought with me on my trip.


Fresh Lip Balms – I picked up the lip balm pot in lemon a few months ago and have been obsessed with it since. This keeps your lips hydrated and looking very very juicy. I decided to pick this up in peach as well for my trip since I was starting to get low on the lemon. While the lemon one is still my favorite, the peach one is great as well. Definitely a great one to have in your purse.

SunBum SPF Stick – This stays in my purse at all times during travel. This is a little sunscreen stick that makes it so easy to constantly reapply SPF on your face. I use it for my beck and arms sometimes as well when I don’t feel like rubbing in sunscreen. This comes in a solid gel form and is really easy to apply. This also smells heavenly (especially if you like the scent of banana). Definitely a great staple for vacation and in general for day to day.

NARS Tinted Moisturizer – I picked this one up a few days before going to Portugal and was not disappointed. This tinted moisturizer rubs in so quickly and makes your skin look absolutely flawless. You definitely have plenty of coverage while still looking natural. You could see my freckles through this stuff but my skintone looked very even and smooth. This is SPF 30 and I will say, the shade selection isn’t the greatest but the way this rubs in, I think everyone would be able to find their match.

Maybelline Urban Cover – This one is at the drugstore meaning it’s affordable which makes everyone happy. This stuff isn’t as easy to rub in as the NARS tinted moisturizer but still was easy enough and has SPF 50. The shade selection is pretty good and the coverage lasts all day. If you don’t feel like dropping $45 on the NARS tinted moisturizer, pick this up.


This dress made an appearance twice in Lagos, and we were only there two days. It was so easy to just throw on and head to breakfast that I had to do it both days we were there. The color is absolutely gorgeous too and will snag you a compliment or two.

This floral dress made the blog on Monday and I am still not over how cute and comfortable it is. I will definitely be pulling this out when it gets warm again. Not that it’s not warm now but you know, fall fashion and all.


Neck pillow for the plane – This one is different than any other pillow I’ve ever bought because you can twist it any way and it’s actually really soft. I know a lot of them are super stiff for neck support but this one supports your neck while actually being comfortable.

That’s all I have for you guys! Let me know if you have any questions about any of these items!

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