My Top 5 Websites for Affordable and Fashionable Clothes

  1. Lulus – I have heard about people shopping on Lulus for a while but for whatever reason didn’t check it out for myself till just recently. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this will most likely be my new go to for cute dresses and “going out” outfits. I was eager to see the quality of the dresses when I placed my first order and was pleasantly surprised when the dresses came in. I even found the dress for my engagement pictures on this website. The price range here can be pretty wide. Anywhere from $40-120 per dress and about $30-50 per other clothing items. Most dresses are right around $50, so don’t let the $120 scare you off. Another thing I like about Lulus is just how often they have new apparel. I feel like every time I go on the website ( and that’s about every 3-4 days) to see what’s new, there’s always pages of new items. The one con about Lulus however, is that their clothes sell out pretty quickly. This is part of the reason why I go on the website so often, because if you don’t snag it quickly, it’s gone.
  2. Sophie and Trey – I discovered this little Florida boutique on Instagram and have been a devoted fan since. New clothing pretty much daily, free shipping on every order and a huge selection of cute basics, cute dresses and whatever is currently on trend for a very affordable price. I absolutely hate paying for shipping, so discovering a place with free shipping on all orders without a minimum is always exciting for me. Also, returns and exchanges are super easy with them which is always a bonus when it comes to online shopping. If you follow them on Instagram you can see all their new arrivals since they post them as they come in which is a nice and easy way to see whats new without constantly going on the website.
  3. ASOS- I’m pretty sure I am one of many that absolutely love ASOS. Pretty much no other online store can beat that selection of clothing, accessories, and shoes. They carry a variety of brands as well which makes it a nice one stop shop for whatever you may need. They are always one of the first to carry new trends and have a price range for any wallet. Also, their customizable search is super nice and easy to use and makes searching for whatever you have in mind super easy. You want a blue off shoulder dress in a size small in the price range of $30-50? You can refine your search to match that and voila, only those items matching that description will come up. Also, a 10% off any order if you put in your student email which as a student, I greatly appreciate. They also have a fashion  and beauty feed that you can use to find some inspiration.
  4. 6pm- This has been my go to website for new shoes for the last two years. Their selection of shoes and bags cannot be matched by anyone, ranging from smaller unknown brands to designer wear. Some of their items are significantly cheaper than retail price and with their frequent 10% off coupon that they send out, you can score a great deal on a pair of shoes or a bag you’ve been eyeing.  I personally always look through their Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden and Seychelles shoe sections and can always find great deals. Also, I’m not sure if I just live close to where their warehouse is located but I literally get my orders the next day from them with standard shipping. They also just rolled out their new app which makes shopping a lot easier. I am sad they got rid of their free shipping on all orders and made a $50 minimum.
  5. Etsy – I thought about not even putting it on this list because who hasn’t heard of Etsy? But it wouldn’t be a true list of my favorite websites to shop if I didn’t mention it. So where do I even begin? You can find literally anything you want on Etsy. I’ve bought everything from coasters to earrings to work out gear on that website. I love the aspect of supporting local artists. Plus, if you buy from a certain shop on Etsy, you will most likely be contacted by the owner and offered more coupons and deals for later on. I could go on and on about how great Etsy is, but I’m pretty sure it’s common knowledge at this point.


So that wraps up my list of favorite online shops. There’s a few others where I shop that didn’t get mentioned because I truly wanted to condense the list into my top 5 favorites. I’m discovering new places pretty frequently and will make updates or write posts later on about recent discoveries so stay tuned.

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