Exploring Montreal – Street Style

Striped Dress Montreal

Last week I got to travel to Canada and explore beautiful Montreal. Whenever I am planning a vacation, I always try to get 1 – 2 new outfits to bring with me for the trip. One of those outfits is usually a dress. This time, knowing my vacation will involve a lot of walking, I started looking for a dress that would be comfortable and look good with Keds or Toms. Sundresses were automatically eliminated with that criteria (which is too bad as I LOVE sundresses). I have always had a thing for stripes (I know I’m one of many) so when I stumbled upon this dress at Forever 21, I knew I found the right dress for this vacation. It kept me cool, as it was about 80 degrees in Montreal while we were there and was also super comfortable for a pretty active vacation.

Also, Canada travel blog will be up soon so stay tuned!

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