June Favorites

June Favorites

So every month I’ll be sharing my favorites list with you guys which will be a completely random compilation of things such as books, apps, clothes, shoes, make up, etc. I love reading people’s favorites or watching videos about them so I thought this would be fun for me to do as well. I’m going to try to narrow it down to 5 things each month. So here are my June favorites…

1. Society 6 phone case – I first heard of Society 6 a few months back from another blogger and decided to check it out for myself. Society 6 is a website that supports independent artists and sells their work ranging from clothing and phone cases to wall art and more. These artists upload their work and Society6 makes the merchandise out of it. I placed a fairly large order through them for some tank tops and the phone case but the tank tops ran so large that I had to return them. The phone case I ordered was amazing though. The design is so perfect for someone like me who lives for travel and the quality is actually pretty great. I am someone that buys new phone cases from Amazon every few months as I get bored with mine quickly, so I usually don’t spend more than $10 on them but with this phone case, the $35 price tag was worth it to me as I don’t see myself getting bored of this case anytime soon. They have phone cases for iPhones 4,5,6 and the Samsung Galaxy as well available on the website. Also to be noted, Society6’s customer service is incredible. Highly recommend checking out this website.


2. We Heart It App – I recently found this app when I was browsing through what was most popular in the photography category in the App Store. If I had to describe it in a few words I would just say “Inspiration through photography”. There are just compilations of beautiful images of whatever you can imagine and by “hearting” or liking the image it gets added to your collections. There are so many amazing images that people share on this app and you can add your own as well. I can spend hours on this app looking at all the different photos people have posted.


IMG_60623. Soap & Glory “The Righteous Butter Lotion” – I have been a huge Soap & Glory fan for a while however, I just recently discovered the Righteous Butter lotion and I don’t think I’ll be using anything else for a long time. The smell is absolutely divine and it leaves your skin so soft – there is nothing better. Your skin never looks greasy after using this – it’s a perfect after shower lotion. The smell is kind of sweet, but nothing overwhelming. It’s a mix of cocoa and shea butter with a mix of almond and other scents. It also has aloe vera in it which is great for post-sun exposure and perfect for summer. This brand is currently sold at Ulta and Target but Walgreens just picked up this brand as well and will soon start selling their products in stores.

Righteous Butter

4. Express One Eleven – Express came out with the One Eleven collection about a year ago and this collection features items that are super soft and comfy and great to lounge around in or to wear out. I bought this shirt from the collection recently (sadly, not my first coffee reference shirt) and absolutely love the way it feels on my skin. The material is ultra-soft and the cuts on the side of the shirt make it breezy and perfect for summer. The whole line uses ultra-soft materials that just feel so comfortable on your skin and there are a ton of styles to choose from in the collection.

IMG_60455. Jessica Simpson Casie2 Wedges – I got these wedges from 6pm and they are by Jessica Simpson. I’ve been looking for a pair of black wedges that would go with almost anything for the summer and when I found these, I knew my search was finally over. I wore them out the other day for the first time and my first time wearing them involved some extensive walking (this was not planned, I’m no amateur to wear new shoes when there’s a lot of walking) but I actually did not get a single blister (not one!) while wearing these which is more than I can say about 99% of times I’ve worn new shoes out. These shoes are super comfortable even though they are pretty high and they are incredibly light. I would definitely recommend them. They are currently still available on 6pm and on Amazon.



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