Online Shopping Advice and Tips

Online shopping is something that I do frequently– frequently enough that I would consider myself to be an expert at this point. I have put together a list of my most helpful suggestions for online shopping to save you guys some moolah; so let’s get started.

  1. Honey – This is a Google Chrome extension that I have recently discovered that has made my life so much easier while looking for promo codes, especially considering I don’t really have to look for them anymore. What this extension does – once you go on a website that may have promotion codes, the honey symbol lights up with a number. That number is how many possible promo codes honey has found for this particular website. You just click on the number and it’ll tell you the promo code and what it is for – whether it’s 20% off, free shipping, etc. If you have Google Chrome, download this extension. If you don’t have Google Chrome, download it so you can download this extension. It’s great.
  2. RetailMeNot – This is for those that don’t have Honey or people shopping on their phone. You can access RetailMeNot through an app or just through their website. Not only does this website have online promo-codes, you can even find in store coupons to print out. Some stores are even accepting the coupons if you pull them up through the app and show them. This is very similar to Honey as it searches for promo-codes but you have to do some more work yourself with this. The promo codes that are listed also have a “success” percentage listed which just lets you know how many people actually got the promo code to work.
  3. Ebates – I’m pretty new to Ebates but I already can tell I’m going to love this and use it very often. You can shop at your favorite stores online through Ebates and earn cash back by doing so. There are constantly promotions running for 4-8% cash back on your purchases, which over time, definitely builds up. Over holidays they are usually running double cash back and other promotions too so it’s definitely worth signing up. Plus you get a $10 gift card just for signing up in the first place.
  4. Student Discounts – A lot of companies understand that while most students have no money, they still want to shop and provide a 10-20% student discount off almost every purchase. All you have to do to use the discount on most of these sites is just verifying your student email. Some of my favorite websites that offer a student discount include ASOS, Topshop, Banana Republic, Steve Madden and Toms. Amazon offers free Amazon prime for a few months which includes free 2 day shipping and a streaming service similar to Netflix. Apple offers student discounts as well. Student Beans is what most of these student discounts go through and if you sign up for their emails, they will always alert you with special deals.
  5. Emails and Instagram – Almost every website offers you a discount if you sign up for their emails. A lot of people don’t get that because “they get enough emails as it is” but the beauty of email subscriptions that you don’t want is that there is always an option to unsubscribe at the bottom of every subscription email. Also, a lot of companies that send daily emails have an option to change to a weekly instead of daily update in case you don’t want daily reminders but you still want to see what new apparel or items are coming in. Most places also have a page on Instagram on which they will announce their promotions so I definitely recommend following your favorite brands on Instagram to see what’s new. I have found a few of my favorite places scrolling through Instagram too so it’s definitely a great platform for companies to use for promotional purposes.
  6. Shopstyle – Now, this one won’t actually save you any money BUT it will save you time and hassle. For those who have never heard of Shopstyle – it is a search engine that searches all online stores for your keyword. For example, if you are looking for a little red dress but your most trusted, favorite online shops don’t have anything you like, head over to Shopstyle. You can type in little red dress and your price range and it will search everywhere for those key words. I have found some amazing pieces in places I would have never looked by using this website.


Let me know if there are any other tips or tricks you guys use for online shopping and as always, I hope you found this post to be helpful!

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