Fall Business Casual / Professional Look Book

As someone that has to dress professionally or at least in business casual attire every day ( I am a graduate school student on rotations), having some variety to chose from for those daily looks becomes very important. You don’t need to have a closet full of button up shirts and dress pants to look professional every day so I’m here today to show how I chose to style my outfits for work and for rotations.


Outfit #1: Leopard top with a colorful blazer and black ankle pants

I personally like pairing leopard print up with red, navy, green or black. I tend to stick to those 4 colors when going with leopard print. Sometimes I’ll throw in purple as well. When wearing leopard print to work, I tend to make sure it’s downplayed by something like a blazer or cardigan because leopard for some places may be considered too “loud” so to stay on the safe side, it’s best to not make it the focus of the outfit. So I would suggest putting those leopard print dresses away when it comes to work. Express has an awesome leopard print Portofino top that can be paired up with a blazer or cardigan. Their Portofino tops are actually one of my favorite things to wear to work or rotations because they have them in a million different colors and patterns and they pretty much look good on everyone. They also can be worn out as well and not just for work so it’s definitely worth investing in a few of these. They frequently go on sale at BOGO 50% and Express is big on sending out coupons to their customers if you shop at the store.

My ankle pants are also from Express and are worn very frequently by me because 1) they’re black and they go with everything 2) they’re ultra comfortable and 3) they fit really well. I have these pants in blue and red as well for days that I want some color.


Outfit #2 : Black on Black (with a blazer)

I love pairing a black pencil skirt with a black blouse or shirt and making a pseudo black dress out of it. Once it gets chilly, I also tend to add a blazer on top of this combination. The blazer I’m wearing in the picture above is also a great fall color so definitely makes it a good fit for this look book. In this picture I’m wearing a short sleeved black blouse but on most fall days I will actually wear either long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves with the skirt. Black pencil skirts are also a must in every girl’s closet for business casual and professional looks because they’re so easy to pair up with most blouses and shirts.


Outfit #3: Red pencil skirt and striped top

Red and black and white stripes is one of my favorite combinations for anything so the fact that I can wear this combination to rotations makes me especially happy. When I wear this red skirt I typically either pair it with a gray, white or black blouse or top. It can be a bit difficult to pair up red with other colors so I tend to stick with neutrals in this case. The length of this skirt is also perfect for work as it comes right up to the knee (at least on my 5’5” self it does). This skirt also looks great with a black belt on the waist to help separate the skirt and top out. Mine is no longer sold so this one from Macy’s is a close alternative.

I am going to be doing a winter business casual look book as well so stay tuned for that in a few months! As always, I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @styleprn

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