Long Sleeve Bodycon – 4 Ways

This month’s edition of “One item – 4 different ways” is featuring a long sleeved black bodycon dress from Forever 21. My exact one is unfortunately no longer available but a very similar one can be found here.  I think during cold months, a long sleeve bodycon can be very versatile and can be used for many different looks. The four I’m showing here are just the beginning of what you can do with this piece of clothing. Let me show you what I decided to pair up the dress with and later talk about some more ideas that can be used.

With a Vest

I recently purchased an olive zip up vest on Amazon as vests are always in during the fall and winter and my obsession with the color olive has been pretty evident on this blog. I then paired the look up with some combat boots for an overall military effect for the look. I like this look because it’s 1)comfortable 2)military style is almost always in and 3) there are many different vests that can be worn other than an olive zip up and still look great with these pieces. You could also pair this up with a herringbone vest or any neutral colored vest as well. With those options however, I would change the boots to something more “girly” aka booties with a heel.


With a Plaid Shirt

Another way I like to wear the bodycon is with a plaid shirt wrapped around the bottom of the dress. You can also wear the shirt on the dress (obvi) but I do think wrapping it around the dress gives it more of an edge. In this case, the dress doesn’t even necessarily need to be a bodycon, it can be a skater dress such as one featured here as well. I paired mine up with brown low heel booties but this can also be paired with brown boots and others of the neutral category.


With a Sweater

This is probably my favorite way to wear the dress – with a sweater on top of it. Typically, I like to wear a neutral or non-patterned sweater with the dress and then wear patterned tights underneath but if you want to wear a sweater with a pattern or particular “loud” stitching, skip the patterned tights and just wear regular either opaque or sheer ones without anything extra on them. I like to follow the rule of if your top is tight, the bottom should be more lose and vice versa therefore since the bottom of the bodycon is tight, I tend to like sweaters that are a little more lose or roomy.

DSC06827 (1).jpg

Other Options:

Other ways to wear bodycons include with thigh high boots for a going out look. Just pair the look up with either a scarf or some statement jewelry, and you’re ready to go out. Another way of wearing this can be with a long cardigan, tights and a pair of booties. Cardigans that button up as well as free hanging ones would both work in this category as well.

Some other places that sell black bodycon dresses include Misguided, BooHoo, and Tobi.

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