Sweater Weather 

Fall is truly here! The temps are dropping and the sweaters and plaid shirts are all coming out to play. I always look forward to fall – the colors, the fashion, the food! I love it all! Fall used to mean classes were back in session for me as well but being on rotations now, a new month just means a new rotation ( you can find me in the emergency department this month). I do get to have my mornings off this month because my rotation is 2nd shift which means I get mornings to be productive, run errands and work on my blog which makes me pretty happy.

Today’s post is going to be focusing on my favorite fall sweaters. Now, there’s nothing about these sweaters that make them more “Fall” sweaters than say, winter sweaters but I am still going to focus on more fall appropriate colors such as olive, brown/tan, etc. in this post. So let’s begin…

Cold Shoulder Sweaters


I snagged this olive cowl-neck cold shoulder sweater from Sophie and Trey about a month ago and unfortunately, it has since sold out. I did however find this one from the same website that is similar but in black that is just as cute and would definitely look great with any fall look. I love that this sweater is long enough to wear with leggings ( my rule is – if it doesn’t cover your tush, wear jeans or pants and not leggings). Some other places I’ve seen great cold shoulder sweaters have been Express with this open stitch dolman sweater (for those lucky ones living a little further south where the temps are still a little higher) or this striped one from Nordstrom that’s not quite a sweater but definitely fall appropriate. Target’s Who What Wear Collection (which deserves a separate post by itself) has a great affordable turtleneck option as well.

Layered Sweaters


Layered sweaters – aka sweaters with a built in second layer such as button down shirt, collar, etc. are one of my favorite styles for cold weather. They are super easy to wear with leggings since the second layer always makes the shirt a lot longer and usually provide some extra insulation and as someone that is always cold, I appreciate that. A lot.

I got the sweater featured above from H&M and have seen many more popping up in other stores. Of course you don’t have to buy a sweater that’s already layered for you – all you have to do is pull out a collared shirt from your closet and find a crewneck sweater and voila – you got yourself a layered sweater without any extra purchases. If you would like, however, one that’s already layered for you – Kohl’s has some already layered for you and I have seen many options at TjMaxx as well.


One more comment I’d like to make when discussing sweaters is this – stay away from acrylic. Acrylic sweaters don’t provide any insulation, all they do is make you sweat. Also, the feeling of acrylic on your skin is never a good one – it’s itchy and uncomfortable. So next time you’re choosing a sweater, make sure you look at the tag and see what is made from. You want to see things like cotton, wool or cashmere. If you see that a sweater is mostly acrylic, no matter how cute it is, do yourself a favor and put it back down and keep looking.

As always, I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @styleprn or by clicking here.


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  1. purejackie says:

    Cute sweaters, and have fun in the E.R 🙂

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    1. Haha thank you! I will try!


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