October Favorites

Happy Halloween! I can’t believe we are only a month away from winter already. With the weather we’ve been having in Ohio, it doesn’t feel like that is the case at all (the predicted high for tomorrow is 80 degrees… on the first day of November).

I’ll be sharing my favorites for the last month with you here today. As always, plenty of beauty favorites, a perfect going out top, as well as a great book recommendation for those who enjoy reading. Now let’s get started…

1.Rapidlash – I have wanted to try this for a long time but did not want to fork up the $50 for it as I already have relatively long eyelashes and didn’t necessarily “need” this product. Then, a few months ago, I banked over $150 in points at Ulta and had a big splurge fest there where I decided to finally pick up this product. The product description does say that it takes 4 weeks to see the full results so I’ve been waiting to use this for at least those 4 weeks before I put this in my favorites. I truly think there has been a difference in the length of my lashes since I’ve started using this product. Before, there were certain mascaras that made my eyelashes look longer than others but now I feel like no matter what I use, my lashes look really long and I do think it is all because of this product. I bought mine at Ulta but it is available in several different places (i.e. Amazon) as well.

2. Morphe 9N Naturally Blushed Palette – This is literally the most perfect blush palette I’ve ever laid my hands on. It has every blush shade you could ever need and the pigmentation is unreal. I have used all the colors now and I am equally impressed each time I use this. The price is right for this product as you get 9 different shades for under $20. I highly, highly recommend this blush palette.

3. Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk – I raved about this product in my Soap and Glory brand spotlight post (if you haven’t read that yet, check it out here) but I just had to mention it again in my favorites. This make up cleanser smells amazing and does a great job cleaning your face. It makes me look forward to taking my make up off every night. Definitely pick this up at Ulta or Walgreens because you won’t regret it. I promise.

4. Angora Cardi by Essie – This is by far my favorite fall nail polish color. It is so different than any other nail polish I own and it looks so nice on the nails no matter what shape or length they are. I always get compliments and people asking me what nail polish I’m wearing when I have this on.


5. The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens – I saw a review for this book in one of my magazines a few months ago and decided to pick this up. This book is about a college student who decides to write a biography about a man who was accused of killing a teenage girl 30 years ago and that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to give away too much. This book is so well written and the story keeps you in suspense the entire time.

6. White Off Shoulder Top from Forever 21 – I ordered this shirt last month from Forever 21 and can’t say enough good things about it. It is so flattering and is so easy to pair up with different bottoms. I have worn it with distressed black jeans and regular jeans and have loved it both ways. It is obviously very affordable since it’s from Forever 21 and the quality is pretty good for the price. It even has a special lining along the inside of the top to keep it from sliding down. Definitely a great top for going out in the fall. It is still available on the Forever 21 website ( find it here)



Well there you have it, my monthly favorites for October. Let me know what your favorites were this month and whether you’ve tried anything mentioned above!

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  1. I love the soap & glory products, the cleanser is amazing smells lovely!

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    1. Doesn’t it? I’m obsessed with the scent!

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