Brand Spotlight – Dioni’s Goat Milk Skincare


It’s that time of the month again when I round up a few products of one particular brand and review them aka my Brand Spotlight series. I loved doing this with Soap & Glory last month and for this month I decided to do a smaller haul since I bought SO many products last month and am still slowly using them up.

For those who have never heard of Dioni’s, it is a goat milk skincare line that you can find at Ulta, on their website and also on Amazon. Their website has a larger selection than Ulta but you can still find a fair amount of their products at Ulta and they frequently have a BOGO 50% deal running for this brand.

They primarily have hand and body lotions, body wash, lip balms and similar products so if you are looking to support a smaller brand and try something new, they are a great brand to check out. I’m going to talk about the products I have tried from them a little more in detail below so let’s get started.

  1. Sweet Berry Lip Balm – This lip balm has a pretty sweet scent but it is not overwhelming at all. It does a good job of keeping your lips hydrated but you do have to reapply pretty frequently. The lip balm lasts a very long time and you get a lot of use out of it, especially for the price. I used this multiple times a day, every day and still haven’t even used up what looks like even a quarter of what’s in the tube. I like the Peach Delight lip balm as well.
  2. Peach Delight Hand Cream – I am a big fan of this hand cream. It smells SO good and does a great job moisturizing my hands and with the cold weather finally kicking in, it’s important to have a good hand cream around. This is also the perfect size to throw in your purse to have with you whenever you need it. I also tried the Crisp Pear hand cream but was not a fan of the scent for that one. The nice thing is, if you aren’t a fan of scented lotions or hand creams and are very sensitive to smells, they offer their hand creams and lotions in an Unscented version as well.
  3. Sea Treasures Body Lotion – This is probably my favorite thing from this haul. This lotion smells so great and just makes you feel so clean when you use it. The scent can be best described as “fresh” to me but it is described on the website as “The scent is nostalgic of warm ocean breezes intertwined with the soft floral of Sweet Pea” and that’s a pretty accurate description as well. I definitely recommend picking this one up. It does a great job moisturizing and will definitely keep the dry skin away for the cold winter months. This is a seasonal item so grab it while it’s still available.
  4. Love Body Wash – The scent that they have labeled as “love” – I absolutely love. It brings me back to my childhood for whatever reason and reminds me of something that I still can’t quite put my finger on. I will definitely be repurchasing this product in the future just because of the scent. The true description of the scent is that it is a blend of jasmine, vanilla and black currant extract. You have to try it for yourself to find out just how good it smells.


Every single product I talked about is available in all the scents I’ve mentioned and many more. Some other scents and “flavor” options at Ulta include vanilla, white jasmine & shea, roseberry and Blue Ridge wildflower.  On their website they currently have holiday options such as peppermint and “heart felt” (mix of fresh orange zest, melon and juicy berries – sounds like it would smell amazing).

Overall, I am very impressed with what I tried from this brand and definitely would recommend checking it out. Look out for my next month’s brand spotlight – I will be reviewing products from the organic company Acure.


As always, thank you for reading and feel free to leave some comments below! Cheers!

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  1. akmakeupaddict says:

    These products look beautiful. Ultra does have the best BOGO sales ever.

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