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For my March “Brand Spotlight” I chose to check out a brand that I’ve frequently seen at Ulta but never got the chance to try. Coming off a month where I was only trying out four new products ( you can find my February “Brand Spotlight” on Glossier here), I was excited to try a lot of new products which led me to choose H20 Beauty as they have a great variety of products available.

So a little bit about H2O Beauty – If you go on the brand’s website you will find this statement in their About Us section: “H2O+ Beauty was founded in 1989 with the goal of putting beauty back in the hands of the consumer. Founder Cindy Melk chose to break from convention and highlight the power of pure water, believing that hydration was the source of beautiful skin.”. Something I learned while researching the brand is that they donate part of their profit to the Girl Inc. of Alameda County foundation which helps underserved girls in their educational pursuits and creates more opportunities. It’s always easier to support a company that does a lot of good outside in the community.

I bought all the products for this Brand Spotlight at Ulta and all the product names below will serve as direct links to Ulta’s website. This brand is frequently BOGO 50% off at Ulta which ends up getting you some great deals. Currently, everything from this brand is Buy 2 Get 1 free which is also a great deal. Now let’s get into the product reviews:


Beauty on the Move Dry Body Oil – I have wanted to try dry body oil for a while now as someone that dreads rubbing in lotion and thinks it takes up way too much effort (yes, I am aware how lazy I sound with that statement). I had pretty low expectations as I was still a little worried about the greasiness factor and how this was going to feel on my skin but I was very impressed with the product and very happy with the results. This body oil takes literally 2 seconds to rub in and does not feel greasy on the skin. It hydrates beautifully and will be so perfect to create a healthy looking glow in the summer. Your legs with a tan and this body oil spray in some short shorts or a sundress will look phenomenal. You can thank me later. This oil spray is $18 and comes in several different scents.



Oasis Hydrating Eye Balm – This is one of my favorite products that I tried during the month. This comes in a convenient little stick that looks like a lip balm and you can use it on your eyes and undereye area up to twice daily to hydrate the skin and make it look refreshed. I used this every night before bed and I do think it made a difference in how my under eye area looked in the morning. The cooling effect from the product feels so good on the skin. I don’t think you should buy this individually, however. There is a tri-pack ( the Oasis Favorites set) that is sold for the eye balm, the Oasis hydrating treatment and the cleanser that is by far the best deal if you want to try multiple things out. That set can be found here. This eye balm is $28 on its own which is again why I think you should just buy the Oasis Favorites set as the set itself is only $25 and includes this eye balm and two other products.

Oasis Hydrating Treatment – This is another item that came in the Oasis Favorites set. This gel reminded me a lot of the Belif Aqua Bomb, if you’re familiar with the K beauty brand sold at Sephora. This is a gel moisturizer that is supposed to just be applied once daily as it claims to keep your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. As much as the consistency reminded me of Aqua Bomb, I do not think it was quite as good. It still did a good job hydrating my skin and the cooling effect again is great, but I do not think I’ll purchase the full size for this one.

Elements Keep it Fresh Face Cleanser – The last item that came in the Oasis Favorites set. This face cleanser also has a gel like consistency and actually did a really great job taking off make up and cleansing the face. I was pleasantly surprised with this one as I have been very judgmental of all cleansers after switching to the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser which is now my holy grail go – to cleanser. This is very gentle on the face yet takes all the make up off very well and leaves your face feeling very clean and refreshed. The full size product is $20.


Oasis Smooth Lip Conditioner – I used this lip conditioner every morning as I got ready and did my make-up to give it time to absorb and hydrate my lips before applying any kind of lipstick of lip product. I was a big fan of the packaging and what it came in as it was very convenient and easy to use. I do think it did a good job hydrating my lips but I do think the effects were a little short lived. I am someone that typically likes more “heavy duty” lip conditioners and moisturizers so this just didn’t quite live up to what I usually use. That being said, if your lips don’t dry out very easily and you just want a light lip conditioner, check this out. This product is $10 which is not a bad deal for a lip conditioner.

On the Move Clearly Mint Lip Gel – Now as much as I hate to bash a product, this one was by far my least favorite. Not only did this not hydrate my lips, it did the opposite and dried them out completely. This product looks super cool as it is a clear gel lipstick which I’ve never seen before but what a disappointment. I am still not sure what to do with the product as I still have majority of it left and I know I won’t ever reach for it as who wants to use something that dries out their lips. Not me. So overall, not a fan.


Specialty Care Hand and Nail Cream – Now this product was a big win for me and gets an A+.  This hand cream does an amazing job hydrating your hands and making them look nice and ready for a manicure. I used this as a last step after my freshly painted nails are completely dry and I use it before bed. It smells nice and not overwhelming and does the job. Highly recommend picking this up. It is available in a travel size version for $5 so you can try that out before committing to the full size.


So overall, I was very impressed with H2O Beauty. Most of the products I was very happy with and will continue using and re-purchasing. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned above or if you have tried other products by this brand that you think I should check out. As always, thank you for reading and I wish everyone a great week ahead!

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  1. Christina says:

    I need to try the hand and nail cream. It sounds wonderful!!!

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    1. It’s awesome! I carry it around in my purse now since it’s such a great quick fix for dry hands!


  2. Lovely post! I never heard of this brand before, but it seems so good:) My skin got so dry lately!

    MY BEAUTY GIVEAWAY: Hope you can check it out & enter xo

    Winners will be chosen this Sunday!


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