May Favorites

May is over which means summer is finally here (where I’m from summer starts on June 1st not the 21st so I am sticking to those cut offs)! I have been looking forward to May for a long time because it marked my bachelorette party weekend in New York City and finally finishing classes (forever). Now that the bachelorette party weekend is behind me (more on that later), it’s time to also look back on what my monthly favorites were for the month of May.

This time around there are a lot more “miscellaneous” favorites than I usually have, but I think that’s okay! So let’s get started…

Beauty Favorites:


C.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Body Wash – I picked this up while just browsing the aisles at Ulta about 2 months ago and haven’t been able to use anything else since. This body wash smells amazing if you’re into “nutty” smells and leaves you feeling super clean and moisturized. This brand has several other scents available so if honey almond isn’t your thing, I would check out the other options.

H2O+ Elements Keep it Fresh Face Cleanser – I picked this up for my H2O+ Beauty Brand Spotlight and it has since become part of my daily skincare routine. This product gets your make up off completely and leaves your face feeling soft and clean without any scrubbing. I love the smell of this cleanser, and although it doesn’t claim to have any cucumber in it, that’s what the scent reminds me of. Pick up and tell me if you have the same results!

Redken All Soft Mega Mask – This may be my favorite discovery of the year so far, not just the month of May. This hair mask leaves your hair so soft and shiny and adds some healthiness back to it (if you are as guilty as me at abusing your hair). I apply this into my hair after shampooing and keep it in for 5-10 minutes, replacing the traditional conditioner. I then blow out my hair, always ending up with amazing results. I cannot get enough of this stuff! You can buy this at Ulta or anywhere else that sells Redken products and it retails for $29. The bottle will last me for months since it doesn’t take too much of the product to get great results.

Fashion Favorites:


Sophie and Trey Sandals -If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me wearing these sandals in many photos. I took these sandals to New York and wore them around the city on a 15 mile walking day without incurring a single blister. Now if that’s not impressive enough and doesn’t convince you to buy these immediately, I’m not sure what else I can say. These are still available on the website and can be found here.

Miscellaneous Favorites:

XHIT Daily Youtube Channel – This is probably my most favorite “Favorite” of the month. This channel was sent to me by a friend and if you’re looking to get in shape without having to sacrifice a lot of time or without having to get a gym membership, this is for you. This channel has hundreds of work out videos ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 and they all make you work hard, no matter how long the video! This will be perfect for my vacation coming up, as I won’t have gym access and don’t want to work out too long whilst on vacation so I plan to just do a few mini videos a day. There are plenty of videos using just body weight, so you don’t have to buy any equipment either. There are also plenty of videos where you use items such as dumbbells, kettle balls, etc. so if you already own those things, you can do those videos as well. I have been going to the gym 5 days a week as usual, and now adding on 1-2 of these videos a day or just doing several videos on days that I can’t make it to the gym at all. My personal favorites are the 5 minute ab videos and the Beyonce Butt work out.

Over-Cabinet Hair Care Tools Holder for Hair Dryer, Flat Iron, Curling Wand, Straightener – I ordered this from Amazon a couple weeks ago and have used it to free up some space in my bathroom. This organizer just hangs on your medicine cabinet door and can hold up to 3 different hair tools. I always have my wand and blow drier just laying around and having it stored away now makes my bathroom look a lot cleaner and less cluttered. The price is right for this favorite as well at under $20.


There you have it for my May favorites. Let me know what your monthly favorites were and what you want me to explore for next month! If you have questions about anything mentioned above I would be happy to help . As always thanks for reading! 😊

Happy (Almost) Summer!

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  1. Mandy says:

    I love those sandals! Super cute!!


  2. That almond body wash sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! xx

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    1. It is! I am obsessed with it! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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