Brand Spotlight – Burt’s Bees

I don’t think there’s anybody out there living in the US that hasn’t either heard of Burt’s Bees or owned one of their lip balms at some point. This company is very well known and their products are very accessible as you can pick up at any local drug store, Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart – pretty much anywhere that sells any kind of makeup. They even have a line of natural baby products that can also be found at those stores. The company uses all natural products (and as you’ve probably guessed, a lot of products made from beeswax) and promotes a healthier lifestyle for their employees and customers. They encourage their employees to do community outreach events and host a lot of events benefiting the recovery of the bee population (by building hive boxes, etc.). They are definitely known for their lip balms but they have a variety of face and skin care products that I’ve always been curious about so I decided to pick them for my monthly Brand Spotlight post for April. All month I’ve been trying out the products I bought from them and today, it’s time to share my thoughts on each individual product.

As always, the names of the products will serve as links to where you can find them and my (detailed) opinion will follow.



Tinted Lip Oil : Out of the lip products I’ve tried from this brand, this one is probably my least favorite. The applicator it comes in reminds me of those lip glosses you used to have in middle school that you would have to click and twist and either overdo and have half of the contents spill out or have to sit for an hour clicking and twisting to wait for anything to come out at all. Just from the applicator itself, I should have predicted that I wouldn’t love this. The formula is very hydrating and it definitely nourishes your lips but it’s very short lived as within minutes you can barely see any remnants of the oil left on your lips. While it is on, it is a very pretty pink and does look nice on the lips. So overall, would I recommend this product? Probably not.

Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands: Now this product I absolutely love. This color is literally the perfect mauve-y nude and has been traveling in my makeup bag with me everywhere I go. It is absolutely perfect for when you want some color on your lips but nothing that will clash with either your eye makeup or just simply when you don’t want an intense or super noticeable color on your lips. The formula lasts for a while on your lips and the application with the crayon is super simple. I give this product (especially in this color) an A +

Gloss Lip Crayon in Outback Oasis: So this lip crayon is a little different than the one mentioned above as it has a glossy finish. Other than the finish, the look of the crayon and everything else is pretty much the same as the regular lip crayons. I do think I like the finish of the original a little more (I tend to lean more towards matte lips over glossy) but that’s just a matter of personal preference. This color is a light nude that I personally think was a little too light for the color of my skin right now (I have been getting a lot of sun so I’m darker than my usual color) but when I go back to my usual pale self next fall and winter, I think I’ll get more use out of this one.

I didn’t buy any of their lip glosses to try out this month but I have owned one in the past and remember not being a huge fan. I distinctly remember it drying out fairly quickly not only in the tube but on my lips as well. For makeup, Burt’s Bees pretty much only sells lip products so now let’s move on to skincare.



Facial Cleansing Towlettes in Pink Grapefruit : As many of you know, I am all about makeup removing wipes. In fact, as I’ve mentioned in several posts already, I am currently working on compiling a review of my favorites which will actually be making an appearance this month. So knowing that, when I saw that Burt’s Bees sold several types of makeup removing wipes, I knew I had to pick some up to try out for this month. I picked up these as they’re advertised for normal to oily skin and I tend to fall in the normal category (and transition to dry in the winter months) and have been trying them out for several weeks now. Overall, I do think these wipes are pretty good as they’re definitely very gentle on the face and the scent is really pleasant. They’re not the best at getting eye makeup off so if you only have a one-step night time routine (and by one step I mean that you only either use make-up remover wipes or just one other product to get your makeup off) I would probably look for other options. If you’re like me and have a two-step makeup removing routine (micellar water followed by either make up remover wipes for everything else or a face cleanser such as Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser or H2O Beauty’s Elements Keep It Fresh Cleanser) then these wipes will work for you. They do a good job getting off foundation, blush,bronzer, etc. and will get your eye makeup off as well just maybe not all of the mascara.

Skin Nourishment Eye Cream: It is a bit difficult for me to judge eye creams as I am luckily not sporting any wrinkles just yet (and I feel like that’s everyone’s number one concern when picking eye creams) but I do look at how eye creams affect the overall state of my undereye area and how hydrated and nourished it looks. I would say this eye cream does a fair job leaving the area around your eyes looking hydrated and nourished so if you’re looking for a more affordable eye cream, this one is a good one to check out. My only issue with this eye cream was the applicator. This comes in a squeeze tube that has a pointed end from which the product comes out and it’s very easy to get too much out at once. I personally prefer eye creams to be in a jar as I think that’s the easiest way to get just the right amount of product. So overall, great product but could use a different applicator.

Brightening Refining Tonic: I have been all about toners since I’ve started using my Pixi Glow Tonic as I saw such a big difference in my skin after using that one so I was excited to try something else to see if I get a similar effect. Unfortunately, I did not see any difference in my skin using this toner however, I do think that’s one product that usually has to do something pretty drastic for you to actually see a difference. So honestly, I will be going back to using my Pixi Glow Tonic after I use this bottle up.



Milk and Honey Body Lotion: This was probably my favorite product of everything I hauled for this Brand Spotlight. This is the most nourishing body lotion I have ever used. I honestly wouldn’t even call this a lotion but more of a heavy, hydrating cream. I would use this on my legs mostly after shaving and I swear, they’ve never felt better – so hydrated and so soft. I will definitely be re-purchasing this when I run out.

I also want to give an honorable mention to the Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream. I didn’t buy it for this haul but I’ve been using this product for years so I’m very familiar with it. This is a great hand cream for the winter months when your hands are very dry as this is very nourishing and leaves your hands feeling so soft and so hydrated. I usually slather this cream on before bed and it works its magic overnight. It does come in a glass jar which is a bit inconvenient when it comes to the application since you have to scoop it out but other than that, this product is amazing.

So there you have it for this month’s Brand Spotlight. For the month of May, I will be trying out Make Up Revolution which is now sold at Ulta and I’ve already tried a few products (we are a few days into May after all) and so far I am VERY impressed so can’t wait to share my thoughts next month.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned above or if there are any Burt’s Bees products you swear by that I did not get to try and I’ll check them out. As always, thanks for reading! 😊

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