A Day in Milwaukee

I always knew I would be visiting Milwaukee one day as that is the city in which my fiancé grew up. Our one day visit to Milwaukee last summer was a spur of the moment decision as we were staying in the northern suburbs of Chicago when someone mentioned that Milwaukee was only an hour away from where we were staying. We decided it was a good time to visit since it was June and Milwaukee isn’t exactly known for warm weather so we figured we should take advantage of it being summer time.

While there is a lot that can be done and should be seen in Milwaukee – knowing we only had one day (and not even a full day at that) we decided the best way to get the real “feel” of the city would be to walk around downtown and to spend the day exploring the city by foot. We knew there were certain things we definitely wanted to see but we decided the rest would be done spontaneously.

We got to the city pretty early in the morning and visited the neighrborhood where my fiancé grew up as well as made a pit stop at Mayfair Mall so I could get a hat as it was a really hot day out and I knew we’d be walking around outside all day. Afterwards, we headed downtown. We started walking towards the river when we got there and walked around for a little while just looking around and seeing what the city was like. After walking among the river for a while, we headed towards the Milwaukee Art Museum. This museum has the most unique architecture and is definitely a must see in the city. It is right on Lake Michigan as well so you get a great view if you go around to the back of the museum and there are plenty of benches and places to sit around and look out to the lake which is exactly what we did. We did not have time to go inside the museum but we walked around the outside of it and then sat outside by the lake for a little while.

Milwaukee 7 (1)Milwaukee (1)

After that we decided to go find a place to eat and as everyone should do in every city, looked for a little local café or restaurant that would give us a unique experience for the particular city we were in. We walked among the river for a while (most of the restaurants on the actual river are chains but there are a few scattered around that are independently owned) and then decided to go off on a side street that was filled with bars and restaurants. There was a definite college feel to the area where we ate as this was also the busiest spot we’ve encountered in the city so far. All the cafes on this street had outdoor seating and as the weather was absolutely beautiful that day, we decided to sit outside and eat. The café where we ate wasn’t anything mind blowing but the atmosphere and the perfect weather still created a great experience for us.

Milwaukee 5 (1)Milwaukee 4 (1)Milwaukee 8 (1)

After lunch we headed back out to the river and continued making our way through the city by following the river. One of the most famous statues in the city – the Bronze Fonz, is located right on the river so it was very easy to find. So while we did not get to do a whole lot while we were in Milwaukee, we still definitely got to feel the atmosphere of the city and got to explore a bit which was a lot of fun and is one of my favorite things about traveling.

Some attractions that Milwaukee is known for that we did not get to do but were highly recommended by other people who have been to the city include Milwaukee Public Market (lots of great food to try), Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee is a beer town after all), and Summerfest ( a summer music festival that the city is very well known for).  I am definitely planning on coming back one day and visiting everything mentioned above as well as finding other unique spots around the city.

If you’re a Milwaukee native or have recommendations on where to go and what to do in Milwaukee, don’t hesitate to comment below! As always, thank you for reading 😊


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