Opa, Gingham Style

I’ve been a big fan of gingham since the J.Crew button up version layered underneath a sweater was a thing ( and it’s been years since that happened). The pattern seemed to be confined to button ups for a few years until recently.

Now, you can find gingham print everywhere – on dresses, shorts, skirts, whatever article of clothing you want. I found this pinafore dress at Express and it was love at first sight. I could picture myself wearing this with a simple black, white or red top or with statement sleeves as soon as I purchased it.

When it came in the mail there was another pleasant surprise waiting for me – the dress had pockets! Hallelujah! It doesn’t get any better than that! And yes, I am being a bit overdramatic over the majesty of a dress with pockets, but you have to admit, being able to stow away your phone without relying on a bag is very nice.

Another part of this look that I’d like to draw your attention to is the slip-on loafers. Honestly, I was not on board with this trend when the Gucci ones came out and everyone went crazy over them but after trying these ones from Call It Spring on, I had to admit, there was something about these shoes. The version of the loafers I found comes in 5 different colors (black, taupe, light gray, pink and navy) and are super affordable and still available on the website and in stores. These are definitely comfy but the question concerning me now : can I pull these off as professional or at least business casual at work?

Let me know what you think of this look – I love reading your comments! Also, please tell me that the pun from the title of this post isn’t lost on you – I was very proud of this one.

My wedding diet/exercise plan starts today (96 days to go) so if you’re looking for me, I’ll be at the gym or at home thinking about all the Cool Ranch Doritos I want to eat but, sigh, can’t have for another few months.

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Happy Monday!

DSC03197DSC03205ginghamgingham 2


  1. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to pull off that print here in the PH because 1) it’s a known print of tablecloths and 2) it’s also a school uniform print. But mostly it’s because of #1. Hahaha. Definitely looks good on you, though! Also, I love dresses with pockets too!

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    1. Haha aw that’s too bad! I get how it is though. There’s some things that become trendy that I just can’t wear because back in Kazakhstan or in Russian culture it’s something that wouldn’t look very good at all so I avoid it.


  2. I was obsessed with gingham print few years ago.. I still have few skirts with that print but I just never end up wearing them 😆 I love your dress, it looks really nice with that cute blue bag!!

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  3. Love the dress! Gingham is currently on my summer clothes wish list. And I definitely think you can get away with slip-on loafers at work, as long as the dress code isn’t too strict. I wear mine to work all the time! x


  4. I love your style! Your shoes are so adorable! Iv been looking for a pair of open back loafers but have yet to find the perfect pair. Love your blog! If you have a sec i would love if you checked mine out and let me know what you think! Thank you! xox

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  5. that dress fits you like a glove, its really pretty! I couldn’t agree more, pockets are so rare and when they appear its like a little surprise ❤

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