Taste of the Big Apple : Where We Ate Over a 3 Day Weekend in NYC

Wrapping up the New York series is today’s post about what and where we ate in the Big Apple over Memorial Day Weekend. New York is a city that is known for its food – whether it’s the food trucks (halal cart, anyone?), the affordable hidden gems or the lavishly expensive joints; there is something in New York for everyone. I was traveling with a friend who is gluten and dairy free and we were still able to have amazing food without any restrictions the entire weekend.

This post will be split up into four categories: coffee, brunch, lunch and dinner. There is going to be only one to two places per category (we were only there for so many meals) but I will be happy to provide you with more recommendations if you’d like! All the restaurant names are link to their websites if you’re someone that wants more information or would like to see the menu ahead of time!


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Culture – This was our first stop on our NYC trip. My friend highly recommended this place and if a New Yorker tells you to try a coffee joint, you do it. This place serves coffee as strong as its customers, so if you like the bitterness of coffee, check out their espressos or cortados, if not they also have a variety of more milky beverages. The wallpaper is also worthy of an Instagram post and the location is just a few blocks away from Herald Square.

Cafe Grumpy – This is a chain that is local to NYC and is scattered throughout the city. Every cup comes with a grumpy face on it although the contents of that cup will turn any frown upside down! The coffee is delicious especially their lattes and their iced coffee.



Hotel Chantelle – We wrapped up my bachelorette party with a rooftop brunch at the adorable Hotel Chantelle. The rooftop is covered with greenery and if you enjoy some live music with your bowl of salmon quinoa – this is your place. The drinks are $0.92 (yes, you read that right) , their version of the all you can drink menu, so be prepared to cure your hangover. The menu is pretty extensive, don’t be surprised if you get a bit overwhelmed because everything is amazing. This place is very popular so don’t expect to just waltz right in and get a seat on a Sunday afternoon, make sure you make a reservation weeks ahead of time (follow the link above to make the reservation online), and most importantly, don’t be late!


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Qi – Thai Cuisine – The interior of this place makes it look like you won’t be able to afford it, but it’s actually one of the most affordable meals we had in the city. There are chandeliers everywhere, including mini ones in between tables and there is a giant Buddha statue in the back on a fountain. Definitely snap some pictures inside this place. The lunch menu (and deals) are just right and the food is phenomenal. If you are in the area make sure you get the fried chicken and shrimp dumplings as an appetizer.



Blockheads (formerly known as Benny’s Burritos, the place that started the chain) – Mexican cuisine -This is the first restaurant in the city that I’ve gone back to. Every time I go to New York, I feel like I have to go somewhere new but this place keeps me coming back for more. The food at this place is the bomb and if you’re gluten free or dairy free, they can sub out anything on the menu (who ever heard of soy cream cheese before???) But really, the reason I keep coming back is the Bulldog (a margarita with a Corona dumped into it) or a French Bulldog if you prefer champagne over beer. The atmosphere at this place is fun and it is always packed. There are many locations around the city but I prefer the original in Greenwich village, a great stop on your way from Chelsea unless you got food at Chelsea Market, which also comes highly recommended.

unnamed (4) (1)

Sushi Roxx – There couldn’t have been a more perfect place to start a bachelorette party. The waitstaff sing and dance while you eat (and you would swear these waiters are straight off Broadway, their voices are that good), there is music playing the whole time with TV screens projecting videos. If you have any occasion to celebrate while you’re there, be prepared to be sung and danced to by the waiters. The sushi is amazing and there are so many different types to choose from. You can also get a full punch bowl of drinks if your party can decide on one that would please everyone. Great place to go for a fun night.


The rest of our meals in New York were home cooked by our amazing hosts Sonia and Bryan which is the reason why we only had a few meals out in the city. If you have favorite New York restaurants that you think I should check out on my next trip (December can’t come soon enough), please let me know down in the comments! As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. africanbutteress says:

    Wow the food looks amazing. Now I’m suddenly hungry. I haven’t been outside my country but when I get the chance to travel to NY I’ll remember the places you wrote about.

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    1. I hope you get to go! It’s amazing! One of my favorite cities in the world! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  2. Victoria says:

    Looks like you had loads of fun in New York! And guuuurl, those foods are looking incredible. I’m seriously drooling right now. Oh god! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know, right? I get hungry just looking as well especially at the Blockhead’s food (I’m a sucker for Mexican)! New York was an absolute blast!


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