Summer Accessorizing with Jord Watch + Giveaway!

There are very few accessories that people wear for a lifetime, and a watch has to be among my favorite. Usually it’s a special item in your wardrobe, either a gift to yourself or from someone you love, which really tells a lot about a person. Are you someone who has the same exact watch as everyone else? Do you have something unique? What color is it? Is it subtle or does it pop out?

It’s one of my favorite accessories because there is definitely something about the right watch that makes you feel like you are sophisticated and professional. I’ve worn watches with all kinds of straps – mutli-layered, leather, metal, you name it. However, one type of watch that I never considered shopping for till recently is a wooden wrist watch. When Jord Watches reached out to me for their campaign, I found myself scrolling through their website in awe of their wooden watches! Although they say they are mostly geared for men, I would have to whole-heartedly disagree! Who said that the boyfriend jeans are the only trend that we take from guys, I say their watches are an even better statement! Even the men’s watch selection on the website can be incorporated into a girly outfit. These watches had colorful faces (rose, turquoise, champagne) that were just screaming my name. They have a vast selection on their website– there are watches that are large in size or even dainty ones similar to mine if you prefer (dainty being relative to the large watches). They even have black watches available which men tend to like better since it is much easier to match with then color (or maybe I need to stop judging my fiancé’s taste as all men).

I ended up going with the champagne face , as an accessory it’s important to think of all the outfit choices  that would go along with that color. I am so thrilled with the quality and the effortlessness with which this could be incorporated into an outfit! I’ve been wearing this watch almost every day now and so many people have given me compliments and asked where I got this unique watch – after all, it’s not every day that you see someone rocking a wooden watch (who thinks coo-coo clocks when they hear wooden watches?). You can find my watch here.

These watches would make a great gift for the men in your life or even for yourself! These gifts could even be engraved if that’s something you’re looking for and custom sizing is also an option! If you’d like to win $100 off your purchase on the Jord Watches website, enter this giveaway! The contest will close July 9th at 11:59pm and all entries will qualify you for at least a $25 off e-certificate!

One of the many ways that I styled my cool watch was with a red linen skirt (similar JCrew version or ASOS), white button up sleeveless Portofino top from Express, snakeskin gold snakeskin wedge sandals (mine are no longer available but I found very similar ones here) and subtle gold accessories (after all, you want the watch to speak for the outfit). With the watch as the  focus of the outfit, you don’t really want to over-do it and look cluttered for a work environment, but with bracelets on the left arm  could turn the look into something more trendy if you are looking to dress to impress. If you are really looking to stand out in the office or on the street, take a look at Jord.

Check out the men’s shop here.

Ladies, find yours here.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!


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