Brand Spotlight – Pixi by Petra

I am back with another Brand Spotlight and this month, I will be talking about the brand Pixi by Petra. A lot of you are probably familiar with the brand if you are frequent flyers in the Target make up department, as that is one of the few places you can snag this brand in person. Pixi by Petra is also a popular one for subscription boxes to send out as it’s something I’ve received in my Birchbox and Ipsy bag on multiple occasions.

A little bit about the brand – Pixi by Petra was founded by Petra Strand in London and quickly gained popularity in the states due to their innovative products. The Pixi Glow Tonic (something I will be talking about today) is a cult favorite toner and their recent rose infused line is getting some attention as well. Due to the popularity of the skincare products, I feel like most people associated the brand with skincare alone. However the brand actually has a plethora of make-up products to choose from and today, I will be talking about some of those.


Glow Tonic – Let’s start with the ultra popular toner that has blown everyone away. I did not try the toner out for the first time when preparing this post – this toner has been part of my skincare routine for about a year now. It is actually what inspired me to pick this brand since I wanted to see if other items were as high of quality as this one. It also figures that I would run out of this right before it was time to post this so I wouldn’t be able to take a picture of the bottle, but as always, the item is linked to where you can snag it. This toner is the first of its kind that actually made me see a difference in my skin after use. I’ve tried many other toners in the past, and none of them ever made my skin look any different. This one, after only a few days of use made my skin look brighter and refreshed and overall improved its appearance. The way I use this toner is in the morning and at night after washing my face and before moisturizing. It exfoliates away the dead skin (without even feeling the exfoliation aspect) and leaves a clean, blank canvas for your serums and moisturizers to soak in and do the best job they can for your skin. If you only buy one item after reading this post, this should be it.


Rose Caviar Essence – I was super excited to try this product out as who doesn’t love flower petals in their skincare products? This product feels and looks so luxurious and I love the innovative aspect. This is a serum that is in jelly-like form that should be applied to skin after cleansing and toning to hydrate and brighten. I have been using this for about a month now and do think it improves the brightness of the skin. I didn’t see a monumental enough difference to repurchase this product after running out but for the time being, it was nice. It is suited for all skin types and the packaging is great for this kind of product. If it weren’t for the price, I would consider re-purchasing but $24 for a product that didn’t make much of a difference, doesn’t make much sense to me.


Hydrating Milky Mist – Now let’s talk about a product that I will definitely be re-purchasing. This hydrating mist feels amazing on the skin and leaves it super hydrated. I spray this in place of moisturizer before applying primer and foundation and my skin looks supple and hydrated all day long. This is also great to use in the middle of the day to refresh your skin. The product feels so nice and cooling on your face and the dewey-ness that follows is unreal. My only complaint is the nozzle isn’t great as the spray sometimes comes out uneven but that may just be the one I picked up. Anyone else that has tried this have a similar issue? This whole nozzle business isn’t enough to stop me from using this product so I definitely recommend this one.

Make Up


Get the Look – It’s Eye Time Eyeshadow palette – This palette really impressed me. We are talking major pigmentation and very large shadows for a very reasonable price. The mattes are so buttery and easy to blend and the shimmers (with a little bit of setting spray) are very bold. I honestly did not know what to expect when it came to the eyeshadows since I have never tried any of Pixi’s make up products before but I was so genuinely pleased with this palette. There’s multiple transition colors and some nice dark crease ones as well in the palette. You will only be able to create warm looks with this palette but that shouldn’t be a problem because you can come up with so many variations of those looks. I would highly recommend checking this out.


Matteluster Lipstick – I picked mine up in the color Rose Naturelle which is a mauve shade that pulls more brown (even though the name suggests it should pull more pink) and was happy with the lipstick but not blown away by any means. It wasn’t any more long wearing than most of my other drugstore lipsticks but the pigmentation was definitely good. So I’ll continue wearing this one but I don’t think I will re-purchase (and let’s be real, with how many lipsticks I own, there aren’t a lot getting enough use to be re-purchased).

Flawless Beauty Primer – I did not pick this up for the post but I did receive this in a subscription box in the past and remember it well enough to talk about it. This primer emphasized every little spot and texture on my face and I remember highly disliking it. Primers are supposed to hide imperfections and this did the exact opposite. I would not recommend this product.


Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold – This is one of my favorite products I own by this brand. I also did not pick this up for the post as I already owned it but I will re-purchase it one day when I run out. This is a combination of a blush and a highlighter and when swirled together creates the most beautiful radiant effect on the face. When I use this, I dip my brush in between the two colors so the top of my brush has highlighter and the bottom has blush and apply to my cheeks and get two steps done in one. I absolutely love this product. If you buy it directly from Pixi’s website, you also get a kabuki brush with your purchase. I am considering picking this up in the peach shade that’s also available because I’m sure it’s just as good.


Nail Colour in Amazing Amethyst – I hate to end this post on a negative note but now let’s talk about my least favorite Pixi product I’ve tried to date. I picked up this nail polish as I thought it would be pretty for fall/winter and was excited to try out their formulation. This may be the runniest nail polish I have ever used. It gooped up on the nails and took forever to dry even with a fast drying top coat and overall just created one huge mess. I would not recommend this at all.


Overall my thoughts after this post – Pixi is a great brand and I will continue picking up new products by them. I was impressed with a lot of the make up and skincare products and am looking forward to trying out some of their face masks and serums. Yes, a few products were misses for me but they were definitely in the minority and not all products will work for every person. If you have a recommendation for a product that wasn’t mentioned today that I should try, please leave it down below!

As always, thank you for reading! 😊

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  1. Amber says:

    I want to try that palette.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You totally should! It’s great especially considering the price!


  2. Ive been wanting to try the eyeshadow palette forever! It seems like it would be one that I would use on the daily! The hydrating mist seems interesting too! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That palette is awesome! I highly recommend checking it out! The pans are huge too so it would last a while even if used daily!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Britney says:

    I really want to try that Milky Mist! I’ve tried a couple Pixi products so far and have been impressed, so I would like to try more. I have that Rose Naturelle and absolutely love it! It glides on so smooth, and like you said, it’s more brown but I like brown lipsticks. I’ve almost used up my tube, so I’ll have to buy it again as well as some other shades.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Milky Mist is awesome! I highly recommend trying it out. They do have some great looking other shades for the lipstick! Thanks for reading! 🙂


  4. The glow mist is gorgeous, so I really want to try the milky mist!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should! That stuff is amazing!

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