November Favorites

And just like that, today starts the last month of the year and 2017 is essentially over. How that happened is beyond me because I feel like the year was just starting and I just turned 25 and the sad reality is, 26 is just a few weeks away at this point and a whole year is behind me.

What December means for me this year is the first holiday season as a married woman with my own apartment to decorate as I please 😊 I’m also doing a no shopping month for make up and clothes and just sticking to necessities and presents for Christmas and New Years. Why? With Black Friday and Sephora VIB sales and countless other sales and “treat yourself” occasions, it’s time to take a break and use up all the stuff I have that hasn’t even been tried yet and wear clothes that I already own. Crazy concept. I know.

November was not a heavy month when it came to product favorites, but there were many miscellaneous and random favorites that I’m excited to share. Of course, I still have some beauty and fashion favorites but a lot less than normal. So let’s get into it…

Beauty Favorites

november favorites

Tarte Maracuja Oil – I know I’m not the only one that suffers from dry skin during the cold months so finding a product to solve this issue was one of my top priorities for the month. I saw so many videos and Instagram posts about using an oil at night for dry skin and finally a light bulb went off that I actually own a skin oil and that it’s time to try it. I used this as the very last step of my night time routine and would apply 2 drops of the oil onto my face and then dab not rub the oil onto my skin. The result? I would wake up with super dewy, hydrated skin every morning after I used this. If you don’t already own a face oil, I recommend checking this one out.

Glossier Wowder – I’ve been eyeing this powder for months and finally decided to order it when I ran out of one of my setting powders. Wow, the name of this powder is very appropriate. This powder does not leave any flashback, prevents your concealer from creasing and just overall makes your skin look so much better. I love the packaging as it’s super convenient to use and prevents you from making a powdery mess on your clothes or vanity. The price is also so much less than most setting powders on the market right now. This product gets an A+ from me.

Lorac Lip Gloss in Prom Queen – I am a huge Lorac fan when it comes to eyeshadows, lipsticks and lip glosses. I’ve owned some Alter Ego lipglosses in the past, but recently picked up their holiday set that included this gorgeous deep red shade. This is a perfect holiday red and the finish is so pretty and flattering. Sometimes a matte red lip is a bit difficult to pull off so if you run into that issue – try this instead. The Alter Ego line overall for both glosses and lipsticks is amazing. You can only snag this color in the set that I bought but right now the set is on sale for $19.50 so you get 6 amazing colors for the price of one full sized lipgloss. Can’t beat that.

Fashion Favorites


Steve Madden Draya Over the Knee Boots – I’ve never gotten more compliments or questions about a pair of shoes than these black OTK boots. They have a chunky heel which makes them super comfortable and the fabric is super soft. They go with literally any outfit you can think of and are a great deal (under $60). I highly recommend checking these out.

Miscellaneous Favorites

Now let’s get into the random stuff. First off, I’d like to mention the Starbucks Chesnut Praline Latte, a limited edition drink that’s only available once a year around the holidays that is just deliciousness in a cup and a great kickstart to your day.

Second random favorite is the show New Girl. I know I am like 5 years behind on this one but omg – my husband and I are obsessed. It’s been a while since we’ve found a show we can enjoy together and I’m not kidding when I say we’ve pretty much spent every minute of free time watching this show. It is hilarious and a great way to distract yourself from the outside world. Unfortunately, the show is getting taken off Netflix soon so if you’ve been thinking of watching, I recommend starting ASAP.

Last mention is the Headspace App. I’ve been wanting to get into meditation for a while now and I honestly didn’t even know where to start until a friend recommended this app. The app has series of audio clips that guide you and teach you how to meditate. I’ve noticed a great improvement in my sleep since I’ve started using this app (and I do this right before bed) and overall mental health. If you’re someone with a lot of anxiety or a lot of stress in your life, this is definitely something to consider trying.


That’s all I have for my monthly favorites. Let me know what you guys have been loving this month and what I should check out! Happy December!

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  1. The wowder is so good! xx, Britta & Carli from


  2. ughmango says:

    Those Steve Madden over knee boots are absolutely gorgeous no wonder why you have gotten so much compliments about them 😍 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m obsessed with them!


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