Wearing Sundresses in the Winter

Winter fashion is great and all but sometimes, I miss all the sundresses and colorful skirts. In previous years, my sundresses would get tucked away in the back of the closet and wait 6 months to come back out but this year, I decided that they will be making an appearance, even during the cold winter months.

My formula for wearing sundresses in the winter is simple = sundress + cardigan + tights. I’m not trying to blow anyone’s mind here by suggesting just throwing a cardigan over a dress, I’m just trying to inspire you guys to take those summer dresses out and to give them a go during this time of year.

unnamed (40)

There are definitely dresses that will work better than others for this. You want a dress that covers your shoulders so t-shirt dresses and scoop neck A-line dresses are probably the best option. The way I tend to pick cardigans for these looks also depends on the type of pattern and dress that I’m wearing underneath. Floral dresses tend to get solid colored cardigans thrown on top of them and solid colored dresses get the striped and patterned cardigans. It’s all a simple pattern, really.

unnamed (39)unnamed (41).jpg

Let me know how you wear your summer pieces in the winter! Only one more month of cold (hopefully) and it’ll be time for spring fashion!

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  1. I love these looks!!!

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  2. These look amazing. You’re right, it comes down to picking the right cardigan. I like to wear a baggy cable knit with some of my summer dresses too.

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  3. It’s a great idea actually! I like to find more ways to wear my clothes so that I can downsize my wardrobe. I only have one body to clothe, yet I have so many things in my closet that I forget about some items!

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