My Picks for the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale

Ah, the 21 Days of Beauty Sale at Ulta – the three weeks of the year where my mailman probably judges me a little more than usual for the amount of packages he has to carry to my doorstep. For those that aren’t familiar with the sale – it’s a semi-annual event where for 21 days, there’s a special daily deal for 50% off a specific make up item. Each day has at least 3 items for sale – two in store and one online only. They usually pick the most popular make up items for these sales so it’s a great time to either stock up on your favorites or try out something you’ve been eyeing but weren’t quite ready to commit to the price tag.

Today, I’ll be sharing my picks and what I’ll be picking up during the sale. Some of these items are already part of my make up routine while others, I’ve been wanting to try out and will finally have a chance to do so. Yesterday was the first day of the event, so technically I’ll be sharing 20 days worth of picks so let’s get into it.

Week 1 – March 19th -25

Ulta Week 1

March 19 – Today’s deal that I’m most excited about is the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Anti-Aging Finishing Powder. This powder is usually $29 and is only $14.50 today. I’ve heard so many great things about it and know that this is a holy grail powder for a lot of people so sounds like it’s time I find out what the hype is all about.

March 20 – Clinique 3 Step Introduction Kit is my pick for tomorrow and it actually can be one of three kits: one for oilier skin, one for dry skin and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Intro Kit which would be the one I would get. The kit comes with three items: a moisturizing cream, cleanser and a toner. I’ve always liked Clinique’s skincare products and have always heard great things from others about them as well. This one is on sale for $9.75.

March 21- Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is usually $32 but will be on sale for $16. This is a great primer water that feels very light on the face but still does a good job priming for make up and leaving your face feeling very refreshed. It can also replace your Mac’s Fix + whenever you needed to intensify a shimmery eyeshadow.

March 22 – Buxom’s Full on Lip Cream in White Russian. You obviously don’t have to pick this up in White Russian but that is mine (and pretty much every beauty influencer on Youtube)’s favorite lip gloss. The shade is perfect, it has some serious staying powder for a lipgloss and comes with a bit of a plumping effect without the actual buzzing feeling. I’ve tried other shades as well and have always been happy with these glosses. I will be picking this up in Dolly this time.

March 23 – Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles. These are usually $20 which I think is way overpriced for a single shadow but since these are on sale for $10, you can justify picking some up. These shadows are super pigmented, will last you a really long time and the shade selection is amazing! My personal favorites are Mushroom, Loaded, Toasted, Secret Service and Lounge.

March 24- The one I’m probably most excited about. The Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner has become one of my favorites recently (I even talked about it in my February Favorites) so I’ll definitely be picking one of these up. If you want a very precise, very matte and very black eyeliner that won’t budge at all – snag it on this day.

March 25 – This one is an online only perk and it’s the Benefit PoreFessional Primer. This primer made my Top 5 Primers and my feelings about it haven’t changed since writing that post. This primer is great for those that want pores filled in for a flawless make up finish. Typically, this retails for $31 but is only $15.50 on this day.

Week 2 – March 26th – April 1st

Ulta Week 2.JPG
March 26 – Another primer that made my Top 5. The Becca First Light Priming Filter (the lavender one) is a great primer if you want a luminous finish and want to have your foundation look flawless on your skin all day. This one is pricey so definitely a good time to pick it up – it will be on sale for $19 that day.

March 27 – Kopari Coconut Melt. This one is going to be something I’ve never tried before but have been eyeing for a little while. This is basically coconut oil that you can use for your hair, face and body. I used to do coconut oil masks overnight all the time but stopped and think this product will make me get back into that routine because my hair always looked so healthy when I would do those masks. This one is on sale for $14.

March 28 – Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner on sale for $12. I don’t wear much pencil/kohl eyeliner myself but I got this as a gift for my sister in law this past Christmas and she loved it so I’ll stand by the fact that this is a quality product. It’s double sided so you get both a pencil and a felt tip making it very practical.

March 29 –  Benefit Roller Lash mascara is one of my favorites – it curls your lashes and lengthens at the same time. This is a perfect every day mascara. It will be on sale for $12 that day so a great time to pick it up if you haven’t tried it yet. Also, the Smashbox Full Exposure travel palette will be $12.50 online and I will also be ordering that one up since recently, I’ve been very impressed with Smashbox’s eyeshadows.

March 30 – Peter Thomas Ross Unwrinkle Peel Pads will be on sale for $22.50 this day which is a great time to pick these up since usually it’s such a pricey product. These peels are great for firming and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and since I’m all about that anti-aging life right now (turning 26 really got to me), I will be ordering the peels on that day.

March 31 – The Entire Mario Badescu brand will be on sale for 25% off that day so I highly recommend picking up their Drying Lotion that day. I recently talked about this in my February Favorites but those who haven’t heard of it – it’s a two layer lotion used for spot treating. To use it – you stick a cotton swab through both layers (without mixing) and then apply onto a pimple or zit that is either about to surface or has already broken ground and leave it on overnight. You wake up with that pimple either gone or at least drastically reduced in appearance.

April 1 – Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves Eyeshadow Palette. This palette will be on sale for $16 and will be a great time to try out this brand. I’ve personally never tried any Dose of Colors products but have heard a lot about them and the colors of this palette are right up my alley.

Week 3 – April 2nd – April 7th

Ulta Week 3.JPG

April 2 – This one is a platinum perk – the MAC Instant Artistry Lip Prep Nude Kit on sale for $19.75 that day. This will include a lip pencil, a lipstick and a primer that smooths and hydrates. I love MAC lipsticks so I’m excited to try this one.

April 3 – Laura Geller baked bronzer and blush. I’ve heard great things about the Laura Geller baked products so it’s finally time I pick one up and try it out. I will be picking up the Pink Grapefruit blush for $14.

April 4 – Cargo Waterpoof blush will definitely be the item to pick up on this day. The entire swimmables collection is on sale that day but the blush is the stand out product for me. It has some serious staying powder and while the color selection isn’t great, the colors that they do have are beautiful. You can snag it for $13 that day.

April 5 – Urban Decay Primer Potion aka the product I’ve literally used every time I’ve worn make up for the last 5 or so years. This is hands down, the best eyeshadow primer  ever and I have no intention of switching any time soon. If you’ve never used this primer, you have to pick it up during this sale. It’ll only be $11 which is a steal and will last you probably close to a year, even if you use it every day.

April 6 – Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint. These come in so many colors and the formula is great. They’re very comfortable on the lips and have great staying power. Snag them for $10 this day.

April 7 – Saved a great product for last. Mac Fix + is a must have for every make up junkie. You can set your make up with it, you can prime your face with it and you can intensify any eyeshadow just by spraying this on your brush. This super versatile product is a major make up staple and I highly recommend picking it up for $11 on the last day of the sale.


Well, that’s all I have for my Ulta 21 Days of Beauty picks. Hopefully this was a helpful guide for those who don’t quite know what to pick up during the sale and want some recommendations. Let me know what you’ll be buying during the sale and what you’re most excited about! As always, thank you for reading!

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  1. Yay! I love posts like these! I shared my 21 Days of Beauty Must Haves yesterday and I absolutely love seeing what everyone else loves and is considering picking up!

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    1. Just read yours! I love reading these posts as well! It also definitely makes me happy seeing people pick the same products – extra justification, you know??

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  2. Alysha D. says:

    I can’t wait for April 5th! My Urban decay primer is running low!

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    1. I’m picking up an extra as well! 🙂

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  3. I love the 21 days of beauty sale but rarely get around to buying anything. The Buxom lip products are my holy grail though, so I will def need to check those out.

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  4. Avant-garde says:

    Love this post! ❤ Yayyy for Ulta 😉

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