My Poshmark Experience

If you’re into clothes, accessories or bags, chances are, you’ve heard of Poshmark.  I used to be the girl who would declutter the closet every season and split everything into three piles: toss, donate and sell. Recently, with so many declutters, my toss and donate pile has been majorly decreasing and my sell pile has overwhelmingly increased.  Queue the tweet I recently stumbled upon – “Good afternoon to everyone except the Plato’s Closet employees who get to decide which clothes they’ll buy off of me.” . Going to Plato’s has become more frustrating than productive so, I decided to look more into Poshmark and I am so happy I did.

In case you haven’t deduced it already, today’s post will be all about my experience with Poshmark so far. I have been listening stuff on Poshmark for about 6 months now and have successfully sold over 25 things. That might not sound like a lot, but off those 25 things, I’ve made about 50x what I would have made from Plato’s. Plus, getting little comments from buyers about how excited they are about the stuff you’re selling once it gets to them always makes me happy.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple – you take pictures of what you’re trying to sell, describe it in detail then put up the price. People can make offers and you can either agree to them or counter and then once you sell, Poshmark emails you with a shipping label, you package the item up and drop it off to the post office. Poshmark keeps 20% and the money from the sale that you get can accumulate and you can choose to either direct deposit it to your account or have Poshmark send you a check. 30% might sound like a lot but like I said, the amount I’ve made since putting up my clothes is so much more than I would have ever got from any consignment shop or a place like Plato’s so it’s totally worth it in my eyes.

What Has Worked For Me

I’ve noticed that once I switched from using pictures of the clothes either laying on the floor or hanging up in my own room to actual pictures of the clothes from the retailer they came from, the attention increased. BUT, with that in mind, if you’re using official pictures from the website, still use your own pictures too so people can see what the actual condition is of the item because if you’ve had yours for a while, it might not look exactly like the picture anymore.

One other thing I can’t stress enough is never ever lie in your description. If your item has flaws (i.e a small hole, a rip, a sequin missing, etc) always put that in the description or even better, in the description and take a picture of what that looks like. People will not appreciate reading that something is in good condition but then receiving something that looks very worn.

Another thing I’ve been doing which has greatly increased how much I’m selling my stuff is updating my listings to get them to come back up in people’s feed or appear in the brands’ pages and get seen again. I typically either update every few days, or once I sell an item. I also like to update other items after I sell one because I like to push the now sold listing to the bottom. I put up new items almost every day. I have a huge bag of clothes waiting to get put up and I do a few items a day just to constantly have new listings go up and bring attention to my page. I also used to ignore the invites that the main Poshmark ambassador sends out every day for style specific “parties” such as “Best in Shoes”, etc. but then once I realized that will actually get me more exposure, I started joining and definitely increased the amount of likes and comments and sales on my page. So main lesson from that is, if you have items that fit the party theme, join!


A helpful hint for those who don’t know where to get boxes for shipping your items out is one I recently learned from a friend who is also a fellow Posher. USPS will literally send you boxes to your house for free. Just go to shipping and supplies on the website and then choose Priority Mail supplies because you have to send via priority mail for Poshmark. You can get a variety of sizes to keep on hand for when your items sell so you can just slap a label on the box and drop it off at the post office. Make sure you don’t get priority flat rate boxes because those are not the ones that Poshmark pays for. Just regular priority mail.

Poshmark Pic

Lastly, it couldn’t be a post about Poshmark without a shameless plug for my own closet so if you’re looking to get some new stuff (including a ton of stuff that you’ve seen here on the blog) find me @azirbaya .

Let me know if you guys are on Poshmark and what your experience has been. Also, I would love more tips as I am still kind of new to the whole thing. I’m learning as I go 😊 Hopefully you found this helpful! As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. RxLettering says:

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been looking into selling on Poshmark for a while, so this was super helpful!


  2. I’ve never really looked into this, such a great way to learn what it’s all about! great post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. thatgirltess says:

    Congrats on selling 25 items in 6 months! I sold my first item a couple weeks ago but I’ve had the app since last summer. Thanks for posting this, it was nice to see another persons perspective. I’ll have to try out the retailer photo thing.

    Liked by 1 person

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