Rainbow Dresses

This summer might as well be called “The Summer of the Rainbow” because very colorful (and usually striped) pieces have been everywhere. I can’t say I was super on board at first because most pieces I saw didn’t have color combinations that were for me but now that I’ve seen plenty of pieces, I can definitely say I’ve found some that I love.


Enter, this dress. How it’s still available online is beyond me because Vici Collection sells out of everything so quickly but I’m very happy to share this with you guys while you can still snag this beauty. It is a shift dress so it’s very comfortable and it’s a very appropriate length for summer (sorry to those with a stricter work dress code – this one doesn’t quite make it to your knees so probably not fit for work).


I decided to pair this one up with yellow heels after a long debate of whether to keep things colorful or to go with a nude heel. I am happy with my decision because the yellow is a different yellow than one that is in the dress but it still goes with the look. This is a great look for brunch, a bridal/baby shower, even a more casual wedding! I kept accessories minimal and “quiet” because the dress and the shoes draw so much attention. You can totally dress this look down too and just wear some flat sandals which I plan on doing at some point as well.


Other rainbow pieces I’ve found that I’ve loved are this cami mini rainbow dress from Urban Outfitters and this slipdress from Nordstrom that I am obsessed with. Both are available and under $100!

Let me know if you’re on board with the whole rainbow theme and if you’ve picked up any ultra colorful pieces this summer.

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. anastasiagregory says:

    love love love this dress!!



  2. lolol @ the summer of the rainbow, so true! been loving the colorful stripe trend & this dress is so cute!! love the color combo 🙂

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  3. I love these stripes! The pop of yellow from your shoes is so cute.

    xo Logan

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    1. Thank you so much!

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  4. saboskirt says:

    These are so cute and colorful! Well shown!


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