Disappointing Products

You know that feeling of disappointment when you finally get your hands on a product you’ve been dying to try, whether for the good reviews or your own curiosity, spend your hard-earned money on it and then that product just doesn’t perform? Most of the time, this happens with high end products and that’s simply because if you spend $10 on a product and it’s not very good, it’s not nearly as upsetting as when you spend $50-60. Today’s post is all about products that made me feel this way.

I get a lot of recommendations from YouTubers but I also do a fair amount of review reading and my own research so when reviews scream that a product is amazing and everyone is talking about it, sure, I want to try it out for myself.

You will definitely notice more higher end products in today’s post because they lead to be bigger disappointments primarily for the reason of how they performed and how much money was spent on them. Disclaimer – just because these products didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work for you. I’m just sharing my experiences with a few particular products that made me sad. These products will go in no particular order and I have mostly make-up products with a few skincare and body products included. Let’s get into it!

Disappointing Products

Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder – I would say this one was the disappointment of the year for me because everyone was raving about this powder so I was super excited to get my hands on it. I’m also a loyal user of the very affordable Wowder by Glossier so buying this for me was a major splurge since I already had a product that fit this category that I loved. So, when this came in and I finally used it and realized that it makes my undereye area look worse, in the way of emphasizing lines that I didn’t even know were there and just overall creating for a not so healthy look, I was pretty disappointed. Especially considering the price tag on this bad boy. People still rave about this powder, but it just wasn’t for me.

Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick – This was and is still something a ton of influencers rave about and I just can’t seem to understand why this doesn’t work for me. Everyone says this gives their skin a hydrated look – for me, it literally makes my skin look drier and emphasizes everything wrong with it. This is too thick and not that easy to blend and just doesn’t work no matter how hard I try to make it work. This is also an expensive foundation stick which doesn’t make me feel any better about purchasing it.

Milk Kush Mascara – I’m not kidding when I say this is the worst mascara I’ve ever tried. This makes my lashes look shorter, clumpy and smudges like crazy. You have to wipe the excess off every time because way too much product comes off when you get the wand out of the tube. This is also the most expensive mascara I’ve ever purchased and I will essentially be throwing it out after just a few uses. Not a happy camper about this one.

Milk Watermelon Brightening Serum Stick – I was so excited to try this because I love anything that is watermelon scented but 1)this has no scent and 2) this doesn’t make my skin look hydrated or brighter as it promises. It’s nice to have a serum that’s in stick form for traveling but this doesn’t give my skin any of the benefits that my liquid serums actually seem to, so I can’t say I can justify the whole traveling thing as an excuse to using this.

It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better Illuminating CC Cream – I am only talking about the illuminating version right now. I’ve heard everyone raving about the regular CC cream and when I went to Ulta deciding I was going to pick it up, it was sold out in my shade. The illuminating version was available in my shade though and I was thinking that I love illuminating foundations, I decided to try this instead. That was a mistake. The illuminating version is literally sparkly. Like it will make your skin look like you mixed glitter in with your foundation. No foundation should do look like that, so I would go ahead and say, skip out on this one unless you’re going for the Twilight vampire look and want your skin to be sparkly.

Kora Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil – This was a complete impulse purchase from a Sephora email that convinced me that this oil is going to transform my undereye area. This does nothing for my skin, the packaging came broken and leaking and it’s still hard to use the roller ball even after cleaning it all up and getting the packaging back in place. For how much you pay, I was hoping the packaging would at least work out.

St.Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion – This product’s application method is less than ideal. You apply this in the shower but then have to turn the water off and stand there freezing in your shower for a few minutes while letting it sink in. I also didn’t see any color change in my skin from it, so I would say, save yourself the money and try a different tanning lotion.

That’s all I have for you guys. Hopefully, there’s not another one of these posts for a while and I really don’t mean this to be a negative post! I’m simply just telling you guys about products that didn’t work for me and potentially saving some of your money if you were considering buying some of these products. You do have to keep in mind that this is just my experience but if you have similar taste as me when it comes to beauty products, you might have a similar experience.

Let me know if you’ve used any of these products and what your experience has been. Also, let me know what your disappointing products are and maybe I’ll think twice if they’re on my to-buy list!

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Sonia says:

    Are you surprised that all of the products that you do not like are at the higher price points?


    1. Not quite surprised but the higher the price point, higher the disappointment! If I buy something that’s $5 and it ends up not working out it’s not nearly as upsetting!


  2. Great post, I love disappointing products posts, they help me make more informed decisions when purchasing!


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