5 Essential Bootie Styles for Fall/Winter

If you live in a place that has seasons, come fall, you’re ready for boots and booties. There are so many different types to choose from, I thought I’d share my top 5 styles that I find to be “essential” for this time of year. And yes, you can take the word essential with a grain of salt because no one actually needs five types of booties but, if you’re like me and like to have variety, you’ll be glad you read this.

I am not someone that can get away with wearing flats when it gets cold because I can’t stand to have cold feet so, I pretty much switch to booties as soon as we drop below 50 degrees. I live in Cincinnati so we’ve been in and out of that range for the last month but I’m predicting that it’s permanent boots and booties weather for the next few months starting now so, I’ve got my boots and booties out and ready to wear.

I know I’ve been using boots and booties almost interchangeably above but this post truly is about booties only. I’ll be doing the same kind of dedicated post for boots as well but that’ll have to wait till December. So let’s get into the five styles of booties that I think you should own…

The Flat/Low Heeled Black Bootie

This is your every day bootie that goes with almost every outfit and can be worn out, to work, to run errands, etc. A lot of people love the Chelsea style for that, but personally, I prefer something a little different. The ones I’ve been wearing since last year are these ones from Lucky Brand. They’re comfortable, they go with almost everything because they’re black and also look feminine still whereas I feel like the Chelsea bootie can look a little too masculine for my taste.

Some other great options that fit this category include these Cole Haan ones and these Dirty Laundry ones that are a hybrid between a dress shoe and bootie.

The Wedged Bootie

My personal favorite is the wedged bootie. These are the ones I go to for comfort and style when I want the two to merge. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few pairs that fit this category including cognac wedged booties, black ones that get worn to work quite frequently and my most recent ones – these Caslon wedged booties that let you have an almost athletic like look at the same time as dressy. I’ve been living in these all fall. They’re super comfortable and were even the shoes I chose to travel in when I went to Kazakhstan. My other two pairs are more going out/dressy kind of wedges which are great to have as well. Target sells a black, tan and gray version of my favorite wedges and at a very reasonable price so find those here.


The Military/Combat Boot

Ironically enough, after mentioning shoes that look too masculine, here I am saying that military boots are a must for your wardrobe! Part of the reason I actually love military boots is that they can take a super feminine and girly look and instantly make it edgier. I love wearing military boots with dresses and skirts during the fall and winter. When I look for military boots, I look for ones with a side zipper because obviously, they’re much easier to get on and off, so I was over the moon when I found these perfect Steve Madden ones after the zipper on my old ones broke. These Steve Madden boots are the perfect shape, height, comfort level, pretty much everything you want in a military boot. I highly recommend checking them out.


The Oxford Bootie

This one isn’t obviously necessary but what a fun staple to have in your closet. Without fail, I always get compliments when I wear my Oxford booties. They are by far my favorite shoe to wear with long sleeve dresses and can definitely pass as professional if you need something for work. I got mine from ShoeDazzle years ago and those are no longer sold but I found almost identical ones here at Nordstrom.


The Heeled Colored Bootie

Also just a fun one to have in your closet. I own a pair of oxblood booties that add color to all my neutral outfits because the shade is so perfect for a pop of color yet, somehow still goes with all other colors. I would also recommend navy blue booties as well as they also can serve as some color but still are considered a neutral. Mine are from ShoeDazzle again, but Lulu’s sells a suede version that you can find here instead.

unnamed (52).jpg


That’s all I have for you guys with my bootie recommendations. I will be writing the same type of post but with actual boots as well, so stay tuned for that! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

As always, thanks for reading!

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