Utility Jacket : Four Ways

I have always been drawn to Utility jackets, especially when I was in my camo phase in high school (yes, that was a thing). The first utility jacket I ever got was a present from my family from Zara, and it’s one of the two that I’ll be showing off today. I’m trying to get away from constantly buying new stuff, and using more of my actual closet. Personally, I think its more interesting to read about styling a piece different ways, rather then always upgrading your closet. After all, we all have budgets!

People do not realize how versatile a utility jacket can be, only styling it one way (aka leggings, white tee and utility jacket), so today, we shall think outside the box. Let’s bring on some style #inspo!

Utility Jacket + Sweater Dress + Fun Tights

This one is by far my favorite way to style my jacket. I threw it over this Socialite one toned sweater dress I picked up from Nordstrom Rack and some polka dot tights (my favorite for winter/fall). You can also use this formula with multicolored dresses or with a patterned sweater dress however, that would mean sticking with solid tights, no patterns. I would recommend staying away from A-line if you’re going to wear a long utility jacket like I’m wearing in these pictures. If your utility jacket is regular length or even cropped, A-line would actually look pretty great. So always consider the length of your pieces when layering them.

My jacket, as I previously mentioned, is from Zara but obviously no longer available because that thing is at least 6 years old (A + to Zara for quality!). So, here are some similar ones I’ve found from Madewell and Forever 21.

Utility Jacket + All Black Glam

This one is a fun one if you have a utility jacket that is not cargo or anorak style and more of a jacket style like mine. Wearing all black underneath with a sleek silhouette and a utility jacket makes for a really chic look. I wore a black low V bodysuit and high waisted black jeans with my Zara utility jacket on top. I added a pair of black pumps with a gold back and gold jewelry to finish off the look. This is perfect for going out with your friends in the fall or that winter – spring transition period (aka now).

Utility Jacket + Striped Tee OR Chambray Top + Jeans

Aka, the basic look. Not as basic as the leggings and white tee but still probably the second most popular way(s) you’ll see people wear a utility jacket. This way works though so I’ll show my spin on it. I wore a navy and white striped tee, jeans and brown Nine West booties with my short utility jacket (or you know, normal length but this one is short compared to the Zara one so we shall refer to it as that). I love this look for running errands or just going out for lunch/brunch with your significant other on a chill Sunday. My Nine West booties are bomb by the way, still available right here AND on sale right now for $69.99. Then I also did the same exact look but instead of wearing a striped tee, I did a chambray top underneath. Also “basic” but works.

Utility Jacket + Sundress

This was a look I went for on our first day in Paris in September and I loved it. So jolie. I took my short utility jacket, put it over my black mesh bottom sundress from Express and threw on some leopard Keds and voila, I was ready to take the streets of Paris. This look is great for that late spring/early fall time when it’s still a little chilly without a jacket but warm enough to wear a sundress with a jacket over it. I love this look and plan to be “utilizing” it as soon as it gets warm enough here or maybe will just throw on some beige tights and suck it up!

Let me know if you own a utility jacket and how you like to wear it! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @styleasneeded and leave some comments below so we can chat 😊

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Love how you’ve styled it. My personal favorite is the one with the jean shirt.


    1. Thank you! That is a good one and one that most people can do! I feel like almost every girl has a jean shirt in their closet!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Steph says:

    Love all of these! Such a versatile piece. Really think I need to get me some polka dot tights!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And they are amazing! You should definitely get a pair!


  3. lilyandr says:

    Love the layered denim shirt look!!

    Liked by 1 person

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