These Jeans Will Have You Pin(estrip)ing for Spring

Are you ever online shopping, scrolling, doing your thing and you stumble across a pair of jeans (or whatever clothing item) and think “this. I have to have this” ? This was me when I found these jeans on the Nordstrom website. They were high waisted, dark wash and had pinstripes. Pinstripes! I’ve never seen that on jeans before and I was all about it.

Being a subscriber of Trunk Club, I immediately messaged my stylist and asked if these jeans can be a part of my next trunk. The nice part with Trunk Club is you get to try on everything before you pay so I was really excited when I saw these on the preview for my following Trunk.

A few notes about the jeans: I am usually a size 2 in bottoms but the fit was a bit off on this one. They were a bit loose in the thighs and up top so if you want these either try them on in store (if available) or keep in mind that you might need to size down. I decided to keep my size because it still looked okay, plus gave me breathing room 🙂

I paired the jeans up with a yellow button down tie top from JCrew Factory as well as a light cardigan from Pitaya. Some pattern mixing was taking place between the jeans and the glen check cardigan but both were subtle enough where it definitely worked well together. I finished the look off with my “Cinderella” flats and a brown leather bag and voila, I was ready.

These jeans can definitely be dressed up as well with a pair of heels and a cute blouse or top. I will be wearing these a lot this spring and summer since they go with pretty much everything and are a fun spin on your regular day to day jeans which I’m usually wearing if I’m not at work.

Let me know what you think of the look and if this is something you’d like to add to your closet!

As always, thanks for reading!

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