No, today’s post is not about about the girl that has taken over your Spotify account. It’s about a razor subscription that I’ve been using for the last 3 months that deserves a full post because it’s taken shaving to a whole new level.

I have never been that girl that shaves her legs every single day. That is way too much work and effort for me, plus, having a stand up shower right now and nowhere to prop the leg up, the whole shaving experience has been daunting ever since my husband and I moved into our current apartment. Although, this problem is about to change because of our big move next week, I haven’t been minding it as much anyway since subscribing to Billie.

I heard about Billie for the first time while watching a Samantha Ravndahl video on Youtube. She talked about this subscription where you can get a bomb razor with men’s quality blades and have cartridges delivered based on the frequency of your shaving “routine”. She also mentioned that the company donates to women’s causes with every purchase.

How It Works

When you first sign up for Billie, you fill out a questionnaire that is very simple – it asks what color you want your Billie razor to be and how often you shave which determines how often you will get cartridges. Those that shave every day or almost every day are then signed up to get deliveries every month, and people like me who only shave a few times a week are every other month. If you shave once in a blue moon, you’re signed up for every three months.

The Cost

A basic subscription is $9/month (if you’re every other month or every 3 months, you only get billed on the months you get a package) and you get 4 cartridges in each package. Your first initial package comes with the razor, cartridges, and a wall mount sticky thing ( I honestly have no better way to describe it) to put in your shower with additional back up stickers in case you want to move your original holder.

The Razor Itself

This razor has insane flexibility – it turns every way you need it to turn and helps you get the hardest spots that otherwise would take some acrobatic moves. There are 5 blades and they are aloe encased for a smoother, more moisturized finished. I honestly think I can skip shaving for one extra day because of how smooth of a shave I get with these razors. I can’t recommend them enough.

Other Products

You can get other products added on to your subscription (such as shaving cream, etc. ) but after trying out the shaving cream, I think I’ll just stick to the razors. I personally like my shaving cream to be on the “lighter” side and this one is a bit too creamy for me.

That’s all I have for you guys! This post is not at all sponsored ( I wish). I truly have just been loving these razors and thought others should hear about this subscription. Let me know if you have any questions!

As always, thanks for reading!

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