Leopard Accents for Fall

If you know me well, you know that I’m willing to wear leopard all year ’round, no exceptions. Doesn’t matter what season it is… but there is something about wearing leopard in the fall. It just meshes with the fall colors so well!

One of my main color combinations for fall is definitely green + leopard. The second I got my hands on this beautiful silk skirt from SheIn, I knew I had to add a leopard belt to it. That is how this outfit came to be.

This green SheIn skirt is going to be perfect for both fall and winter because you can definitely rock this for the holiday season as well. I paired it up with a ribbed black sweater top but you can do a white sweater as well. Navy blue would also look really nice with this color combination. Basically, what I’m saying is there are a lot of ways to wear this skirt.

(side note – I did in fact iron this skirt but getting from my house to the park via car killed those efforts so excuse the wrinkliness).

Now let’s talk comfy, fuzzy things.

This leopard half zip sweatshirt. This is what your cozy winter dreams are made of. This is the softest, comfiest item of clothing I’ve ever worn and usually, only the taste of coffee can make me this happy. The picture you see below is from the equation of coffee + cozy sweatshirt = happy Yuliya.

This top is available here from SheIn and should either be getting added to your cart right now or later as a holiday gift for someone you care about because when you care about people, you want to bring them comfort and this sweatshirt brings exactly that. It will keep you warm all season long and will not break the bank. If you are interested in saving some moula off your order, use code “Q4styleprn15” for 15% off!

As always, thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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