Sweater SheIn Haul

By sweater SheIn haul, I just mean a sweater and a sweater dress 🙂 I picked up some great winter staples from SheIn recently and wanted to share them with you guys. Fall is quickly approaching its end and at least where I live, it feels like full on winter now with the snowfall we just had. So, what I’m trying to say is I am basically judging clothes by their warmth factor now.

Let’s start with this striped green sweater. I’ve actually been trying to add more green to my closet recently because it’s a color I tend to like but for some reason never ends up in my closet.

This sweater is on the longer side so will work if you would prefer to wear it with leggings but is also still short enough to wear with jeans. I paired this look with some Oxford booties and a pair of jeans but I can definitely see myself wearing this with some OTK boots and leggings as well.

My other way I would wear this would definitely be the same exact look but replace the booties with white sneakers if you’re walking around and need something a little more comfortable.

Next up is this red batwing sweater dress. This will be perfect for your office holiday party or just in general for this time of year when things start being holiday themed. Red is just such a “jolly” color that I don’t think you can go wrong with something like this. Plus, this dress is so soft and so comfortable.

I paired it up with sock booties but can definitely see it being worn with black OTK boots. I would personally recommend sticking to black or white shoes when finalizing this outfit.

As always, let me know your thoughts and don’t forget, if you’re shopping on SheIn, use code “Q4styleprn15‘ to save some money!

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  1. Super cute pieces and photos! I’m posting an outfit post next Friday, but the photos won’t be that good quality haha – I’ve had to use the timer setting on my iPhone 6 for now until I can get resources to get better quality pictures but oh well haha!

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