Polka Dot Tights

If there’s any fall/winter accessory that I deem necessary for my closet, it’s a good pair of polka dot tights. Why? They add so much to an outfit and can make the simplest look so much more exciting and chic.

I probably used to buy a new pair every single year due to ripping until I found this pair. Now is definitely a great time to snag them as they’re under $10 with the Black Friday sales starting early this year. These tights lasted me a whole two seasons so far (which is major in the tights department) and definitely seem a little “sturdier” than the others so I’m hoping I can keep these around for a while.

My favorite way to wear tights with polka dots is underneath denim shorts or black shorts in the winter. 1) it gives you a chance to wear your shorts and not have them collect dust until summer and 2) I just think that’s a casual look that still draws a lot of attention.

My second favorite way to wear these is with a bodycon dress + sweater combo. I love throwing chunky sweaters over bodycon dresses and since most of my bodycons are solid colors (black, gray, etc) and I typically use a solid sweater, the polka dots add some dimesion to the look.

Are you into this look? What’s your go-to accessory during this time of year?

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! See you guys on Friday with my round up of the best Black Friday sales going on!

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  1. drawns says:

    Yes all the looks are sensational


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