3 Ways to Wear a Midi Polka Dot Skirt

I’m someone that likes to shop. You probably realize that already since you’re reading this on my fashion and beauty blog. Even as someone that frequents the shops (pre-pandemic that is) and online shops quite a bit, I love “shopping my own closet” and seeing how many looks I can create with one piece of clothing. Especially with all the new baby stuff filling our apartment, now is definitely the time to cut down on shopping and get creative with what I already have.  

Today’s post was inspired by a midi polka dot skirt that I picked up at TjMaxx when I was pregnant. I knew it was something I could wear during and post pregnancy due to having an elastic band and had so much fun styling it today for the first time since having Nora without a pregnant belly!

If you’ve shopped at TjMaxx before, you know their stock rotates and items you can find at one TjMaxx aren’t going to be at all of them but that’s the whole beauty of this post – maybe you have a similar item in your closet that you can try these looks with that will make you get creative! I am however going to link a few midi polka dot skirts in case my looks inspire you to add one to your closet.

Let’s start styling.

Look Number One : Solid Print Top

We are starting out simple – the easiest way to wear a skirt like this is with a solid colored top since the skirt has a pattern to it. There’s definitely an opportunity to pattern mix, if you’re into that, but I personally prefer wearing a skirt like this with something that is just one color because not only does it have a pattern, it also has a bow, layers and a slit so I think there’s a bit too much going on to also add a pattern to the mix. Some of the other skirts I’ll be linking are a little simpler so those would be better for pattern mixing. This skirt in particular would actually be great to wear with a graphic tee because it has a simple design and it is definitely more straight. Flowy skirts should be paired with tighter tops in my opinion so graphic tees aren’t going to be a good option there.

I paired the skirt with a red V-neck tee and finished off with pointy toed nude flats that elongate my legs because midi skirts always make my legs look shorter. Pro tip – if you’re wearing a midi skirt or one that you feel like visibly shortens your legs, avoid shoes with straps at the ankles because those will make your legs look even shorter.

Look Number Two: Button Down Top and a Belt

This one is more of a work wear look or one that can even double for happy hour after work or a dinner date. In this one, I paired the skirt with a button down white blouse, rolled up the sleeve to ¾ length and added a black leather belt. The look was completed with a pair of red Sam Edelman “Hazel” pumps for a pop of color because as much as I like black and white looks, I think a pop of color is the way to go with this one.

This skirt would work best with this kind of look because of the ruffles on the bottom.

Look Number Three: Make it a Dress

This is actually a first time I’ve done this but I’ve been wanting to turn a skirt into a dress forever, I just haven’t found the right one in my closet to work with until I got this midi skirt. I took the skirt and pulled it all the way up, threw a belt on and voila – got myself a polka dot dress that’s perfect for summer. You can wear the belt right underneath your bra as shown in the first picture or, if you prefer, wear it at your waist as shown in the second picture. If you need this to be a bump friendly look, the first way will work perfectly. I personally prefer the belt at my waist but there’s many ways to style this. I picked a lime green belt for this look, again, for a pop of color. I finished the look with a pair of nude/rose gold sandals. This skirt from Nasty Gal would work best for a look like this.

Which of the three looks was your favorite? Number 2 has my vote although I see myself wearing number 1 before the others because it’s so much easier, plus, who goes out these days anyway, right? Let me know what you guys think of posts like this – do you like seeing me style one piece of clothing multiple ways? I personally love writing these because it gets my creative juices flowing and doesn’t require me to buy a whole bunch of new stuff! I think somedays we all get tired of constantly seeing new stuff being released and feel pressured to stay up to date when there’s so much great stuff already waiting for us at home.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will “see” you guys on Monday with a beauty post!

As always, thanks for reading!

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