Comparing Cream Stick Bronzers

I’ve been playing around with a lot of cream bronzers and blushes the last few months and have come to the conclusion that they truly do look so much more natural on the skin and take your make up to the next level. Yes, they do take some more effort because of blending but I think the end result is worth it. All that in mind, today, I’m going to be comparing 3 different stick bronzers with 3 different price points. We are going to look at a drugstore version and two high end and I’m going to tell you guys which one I think is worth picking up. In reality and spoiler alert – all three products are good but they’re good for different reasons and depending on how much you’re willing to spend, hopefully there’s one here that’s a good fit for your preferences and budget.

The three cream bronzers I am comparing today are “Bondi Bae” by Nudestix, Milk Make Up bronzer in “Baked” and Physician’s Formula Sculpting Bronzer in “Toffee”. Let’s go one by one and compare, shall we?

Physician’s Formula Sculpting Bronzer in “Toffee”

Pros: Price is the best of the three ($11.99) since this is the drugstore option and it’s actually the biggest one of the three by size (0.3 oz) if you’re using the mini Milk one so definitely the best bang for your buck. I like the color of this one a lot too and think it’s the most natural one if you’re looking to give yourself that natural looking bronze. It comes in another color too if you’re looking for something a little more cool toned that can be used for contouring (the other shade is “Mocha”). I think this one is pretty easy to blend and I like the shape a lot since it’s a little “skinnier” and makes for a more precise application.

Cons: The shade “Toffee” might be a bit too dark for people with fair skin tones and a little too warm toned to make a natural looking bronze. The latter problem can be fixed by going with the other shades but I do wish shade selection was better.

Overall thoughts: I think that if you were going to buy one of the three bronzers mentioned today to dip your toes into cream products, this is the one to get. Best price and great blendability.

Milk Make Up bronzer in “Baked”

Pros: This one comes in a mini size (0.21oz, $15) which is the one I got and a large size ( 1 oz, $28) so you don’t quite have to commit to the large size if you don’t want to right away. The large version of this one if you like the bronzer itself is actually the best value of the three bronzers I talk about today. I’m comparing the mini size that I have to the two others so that’s where I determine the value from the above PF bronzer, just as a heads up. That’s about the only advantage this bronzer has over the other two.

Cons: I don’t think this one is as easy to blend out as the other two and I think this color is a little too warm toned to be able to double up for contouring. A lot of people with fair skin will struggle with making this color look natural and this is only one of two shade options, the second being even darker than this one.

Overall thoughts: This one is my least favorite of the three bronzers I talk about today, so I would go with one of the other two when picking one out.

Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze in “Bondi Bae”

Pros: Shade selection for this formula is by far the biggest of the three bronzers but I’m specifically focusing on the shade “Bondi Bae” which I think is a great shade for both contouring and bronzing. I’ve been using this one the longest of the three so I’ve been able to get a really good feel for the formula. It’s really easy to blend and I like the applicator that it comes in. I’ve been actually meaning to pick up a blush in this formula and am still trying to pick out which shade I want the most because this is pretty pricey so I’m taking my time deciding.

Cons: Price (0.25 oz, $32). This is by far the most expensive of the three and the size doesn’t make up for the cost. Quality is great though so if you’re willing to spend a little more, then pick this one.

Overall thoughts: Quality is awesome but price a bit steep so make the call yourself on this one.

Let me know if you guys are into cream products or if you still prefer powder and if there’s another cream bronzer you use or think I should try out. As always, thanks for reading!

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