Recent Beauty Favorites

One of these days I will get back to my monthly favorites but until that actually happens, I’ll be sharing some recent beauty favorites with all the usual descriptions but without a defined time range of me loving the products 😊 I feel like a favorite is a favorite, am I right? Doesn’t matter what month I loved it in.

I feel like I’ve been trying a ton of new beauty products lately and have such great stuff to share with you guys. I thought maternity leave would make me just sit around with no make up at home but I’ve tried so hard to still get ready every day and “put my face on” to have some sense of normalcy and I do think it’s made me feel better about my post partum journey, looking a bit more like myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wish my maternity leave would go on forever and I’d just get to hang out with my little Nora bear but alas, the day of going back to work is looming over my head and there’ll be plenty of make up wearing and getting ready then.

I have a good mix of beauty, skincare and hair products today and the products are about equally split between drugstore prices and a little higher end. Let’s jump into it.

Make Up

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation – I feel like for about two weeks straight, all I saw on social media beauty channels and pages was Rare Beauty reviews. The brand definitely came out and made a huge splash in the beauty industry. After seeing so many positive reviews from beauty bloggers, I had to check it out myself and I do have to admit, so far I’m a fan. I only bought the foundation and the blush but I have so many good things to say about the foundation. 1) It gives you a beautiful finish that I would call a “natural soft matte” 2) the coverage is about light to medium which is actually my preferred type of foundation coverage 3) I love the packaging so much and lastly 4) it’s a very fair price point for the quality. I will say, the foundation dries down really fast so you have to work really quickly with your beauty sponge. I haven’t tried it with a brush and am hesitant to do it that way because of the drying aspect.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation – This one is probably my favorite foundation I’ve tried in a while and it’s $6.70!!! You cannot beat that price for a quality foundation. Even drugstore foundations cost more than that! This is a light-medium, buildable coverage foundation that gives you a beautiful finish and comes in a runny consistency (like most serum foundations) which is easy to apply with a brush or beauty sponge. It has a great shade range too which is always a plus.

Nyx Sweet Cheeks Soft Tint Cream in “Nude’Tude”– I am very much into cream blush right now and this one right here is my favorite formula and shade. This is the best shade for a natural looking blush with a beautiful finish (very subtle but dewy). I absolutely love it. I also think the doe foot applicator makes the application process more seamless.

Tarte Surfer Curl Mascara – This has been my go-to mascara lately because I prefer fiber bristle mascaras and this one also gives me the length and volume I want without any clumps. Tarte in general knows how to do mascara right.

L’oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes -This is my newest drugstore mascara discovery. This has a funky wand that gives your lashes SO much length and does so without clumping which is my favorite kind of formula.

Ombre Nails – This is my most pinned picture I’ve posted to date so I just once again wanted to show off how I did my nails last week with the gradual ombre design using neutral colors 😊


This isn’t like a specific favorite for a brand but more of a beauty tool favorite that you can take your pick on because I think most of what I’ve seen performs about the same. What am I talking about? A jade roller. I bought mine forever ago and it’s kind of been laying around and collecting dust for a few months and recently I started picking it up and using it daily to get the post pregnancy swelling around my face (from weight gain) to go down and I think it’s been making a big difference for me. I didn’t have problems with swollen feet during pregnancy but I do think my face got a bit puffier so I was definitely looking for something to help with this problem. I have this one specifically but I think there’s lots of good ones on the market.

Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shaving Oil – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me rave about this product. This is definitely in my top 5 beauty discoveries for the year. This shaving oil is amazing for multiple reasons. 1) You don’t even have to use lotion or anything else after shaving with this because it’s so moisturizing and leaves your legs feeling so smooth and 2) the Moroccan Rose scent is divine. Also, this is lasting me way longer than a bottle of shaving cream did.  If you get one thing out of this post, it’s that you need this shaving oil.

Raw Sugar Watermelon Mint Body Wash – My husband and I are both obsessed with this body wash. The watermelon mint scent is sooooo good and this body wash is so hydrating. It also comes in a giant bottle which makes it last a long time and considering two people are using it, that’s a big plus for our household. It comes in other scents too but this one is my favorite.


L’oreal 8 Second Wonder Water – Another item that if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me rave about on numerous occasions. This is the coolest new hair product which you use in the shower on wet hair that makes your hair super soft and shiny and helps control frizz. You apply this after you shampoo and condition (the directions just says after shampooing but I’ve found it works best if you condition prior to this as well) and massage it into your hair for 8 seconds ( I leave it in longer) then style your hair as usual and you’ll have amazing results. Trust me. I’ve had so many people that tried it from my recommendation tell me that they’re obsessed now too.

That’s it for now! I keep debating whether I should get back to monthly favorites or if it’s of more value to just every couple of months do a post like this with products that have been making a difference for me for longer that I have more to say about. What do you guys think? Monthly favorites or just a recent beauty round up once in a while? Let me know! Style favorites coming next!

As always, thanks for reading!

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