August Favorites

Another month, another favorites post! August was a big month for me as I moved into a new apartment, gained a family member and had my bridal shower. Now, September is about to be a super exciting month as well since you know, it’s my wedding month and all 😊 But more about that in a separate post – let’s get into these favorites…

Beauty Favorites

This was a big month in the beauty favorites department. I tried out a ton of new stuff, got some Infuenster packages and as usual, the products in my subscription boxes. I also have a new vanity in my new apartment which for some reason, made me more excited to try new products (that one I can’t explain).

The first of my favorites for beauty products this month was the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. Seriously guys, this stuff is the bomb. My face feels so nice after using this and it sinks right into the skin as you apply it. I use it as step 2 in my morning routine (step 1 is eye cream, for those who are wondering) which is reserved for moisturizers. I switch out what moisturizers I use almost daily but I’ve been reaching for this one most days because it’s so good. It is definitely kind of pricey for a drug store product (about $20) but it’s so worth it.


Another moisturizer that I’ve been loving this month has been the Speed Plump by Soap & Glory. My obsession with this brand continues. I use this product before bed to get some moisturizing done over night and the results have been great. My skin looks plumper and flawless in the morning. This comes in a mousse formula, is super light and smells amazing. Highly recommend checking it out.


Continuing in the moisturizer/skin category, let’s talk about Rimmel’s Wake Me Up BB Cream. I am a huge fan of tinted moisturizer in the summer (something I talked about in my Summer Skincare Routine) and this one has been a great addition to that routine. It’s way more affordable than my other tinted moisturizers and has higher coverage. I still love my Dr.Jart Day Tint the most but this one is a great alternative if you don’t feel like spending $50 on a tinted moisturizer. I just apply this in place of foundation (I skip moisturizer on the days I use this since this is part moisturizer as well) and cut out a good 10 minutes out of the whole getting ready process. Check this out at your local drug store.

A new foundation that I picked up this month was the No 7 Lift & Luminate Foundation thanks to a recommendation by Kathleen Lights (anyone else a big Kathleen fan?). Over the month, this has definitely become my most used foundation as the coverage is great, it has SPF and the color match for my skin tone is literally perfect. This leaves your skin with a bit of a glow and has great coverage without looking even a little bit cakey. I would say this is on par if not better than most high end foundations I’ve tried and this costs less than half of most of those.


A nail polish favorite of this month has been the Essie color “Go Ginza”. I saw it on Pinterest and it’s my now my new favorite pedicure color for summer. It is a very light pink with a purple undertone but it almost looks white at certain angles. It makes your feet look tanner and I highly recommend trying it out. It also looks gorgeous as a mani color. Like I said, I’ve been wearing this one a lot.


Random Favorites

I have been looking for a cute little perfume rack for weeks now and finally found exactly what I was looking for. This quilted mirror perfume rack is perfect for people that don’t own a lot of perfumes since it’s pretty small but I recently downsized and got rid of almost all my perfume so this rack was perfect for me. I pretty much strictly use roller balls and travel size perfumes now since 1) they’re easy to carry around and touch up 2) they’re way cheaper and  3) if you have as much perfume as me, a bottle will last you like 5 years and I don’t need that.


Rocksbox – If you aren’t familiar with Rocksbox, read my review and a way to get your first month here. This month, Rocksbox sent me some really great stuff so that brings them to my favorites list. I got some great chokers, earrings and bracelets this month and am so excited to get my next box!

That’s it for my August favorites! Let me know what you guys thought and what some of your favorites were this month. I love reading your comments! 😊

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