One Piece – 3 Ways : White Off Shoulder Ruffle Top

It has been a whileeee since I’ve done one of these posts and I definitely think I need to bring back this “series”. Today, we will be taking one piece of clothing and styling it three different ways. There’s a dressy option, a casual option and an in-between option here today so theoretically, there should be something for everyone.

Let’s start with the top:

The top is a simple ruffle off shoulder top from H&M that costs a whopping $10. I recently snagged this in the store and knew right away that this top was going to be worn many times and many different ways. I knew I would get my money’s worth, especially considering how affordable this top was in the first place. I bought the top in white, but it’s actually available in 5 different colors. It’s super comfortable and very light. I would recommend getting this in white for most use but you can definitely pick it up in other colors as well ( in addition to the white 🙂 )

Now let’s get into the looks:

Look #1: Casual Girl’s Night Out 

In this first look, I simply paired this top with a pair of these dark wash Sam Edelman jeans and these bright sky blue pair of Sam Edelman heels (that are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn). I wore a blue bracelet to match the shoes and kept the hair and jewelry pretty simple. This look would be perfect for a casual girl’s night out or date night.


Look #2: Sunday Farmer’s Market Run

The second look is super casual. Like wear it to run errands or run over to the Sunday Farmer’s Market casual. It provides comfort (thanks to these Sam Edelman shorts and Vici sandals) but the top still keeps it looking like you tried at least a little bit. I tied the top up to make it look a little different and not just have it hang loosely over the shorts. Plus, this shows off the high waisted aspect of the shorts as well. These shoes aren’t available anymore but exact dupes are available here from Target. This top is great to pair up with any shorts, since it’s white, but my favorite has always been white plus denim so this look was a no brainer for me.


Look #3: Sunday Brunch 

The next look is the edgiest, if I may say, of the three and probably not for everyone. This is for those girls who love pinafore dresses and love coming up with great layering pieces for them. This dress is so unique on its own, you don’t want to wear anything that will take too much away from it but you also might want to do something with more to it than just a white tee. Don’t get me wrong, I have full intentions of wearing this pinafore with just a white v-neck tee as well, but sometimes you want more. And that is where this top comes in. I finished the look off with simple jewelry and the same brown leather sandals as earlier.


There you have it for the three looks. Which one is your favorite? How would you have styled this white top?

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. How cute! I LOVE the Sunday Brunch look! I will be sure to try them out!
    Gabriella W |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! That one is my favorite too!


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