Transition into Fall with Jord Watches

You know when it’s October and you’re ready for sweaters, hot apple cider and vampy colored lips and nails but the weather refuses to budge and move out of summer mode? This year is no different. My closet has been slowly transitioning over the last few weeks but it seems almost silly to be buying sweaters knowing that I’d break into a sweat even walking a mere 100 feet in one right now. But that’s not stopping my obsession with everything red, green and flannel.

This is where Jord Watches come in. I’ve worked with this great company before on a campaign and the wooden watch I received over a year ago has become one of my favorite accessories. I wear it all the time and without fail, I get complimented or told that it’s the first time that person has seen a wooden watch! So, when Jord contacted me again, I had no doubts that another wooden watch would be very much welcome to my watch collection.


When I saw this absolutely gorgeous emerald face wooden watch, it was love at first sight. I was falling for it hard (get it? Fall theme here, etc. etc.). I was already planning on how I would wear it with my new leopard cardigan or how nicely it would compliment my navy blue knits. When this watch actually came in, I was even more in love with it because of how large the face was. This watch is no joke. No one is missing this bad boy. After wearing it twice and both times getting asked where I got it, I can guarantee you one thing – if you want a cool staple to your accessories, go with Jord Watches.

I got the pleasure of wearing my watch for the first time in Paris with the perfect weather and perfect fall background as the leaves there have already started turning. The watch was a perfect compliment to my leopard cardigan, as expected, and I caught myself looking at how pretty the emerald face was in different lighting all throughout the day. As much as I love my original champagne colored watch, I think the emerald one will make more appearances this fall.


You know another great thing about Jord Watches? They’re willing to give away $100 to shop on their website to one of my lucky followers! All you have to do is enter the giveaway here and you’ll be notified if you win once the giveaway is over!


I am so excited to partner with Jord Watches for this post and can’t wait for one of you lucky readers to own one of these gorgeous watches!

As always, thanks for reading!

Wooden Wrist Watch



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