Style Brand Spotlight : Etam

I’ve been doing brand spotlights for make up brands pretty much since the start of this blog. I’ve thought about doing one for clothing brands/boutiques but always thought it would be pretty difficult judging clothes from just a few pieces. Then there was the question of how many pieces would be enough. After pondering it for a while and getting some feedback, I decided four pieces will be my magic number and I will be able to get a feel for a brand/boutique if I ordered correctly. As long as my orders contained versatile pieces such as tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, etc. and not just four tops or four dresses, I’d be able to truly let you guys know if the brand was worth it or not.

For the first brand, I decided to spotlight Etam. This is a brand known for their lingerie all over Europe and Asia but hasn’t made its way over to the US. So why am I spotlighting them? Because they ship to the US (and my package got to me in two days, with just the free shipping I earned by spending over $75) and their clothes are amazing quality. As I mentioned previously, they’re known for lingerie with Etam lingerie stores literally being all over France but they sell clothing as well and the clothing is very trendy and amazing quality. I got to go into a store while we were in Normandy but unfortunately didn’t get anything because of the store clothing shortly after we got there so that night, I went online and placed an order of multiple pieces all of which beat my arrival to the US.

I ordered two sweaters (which were very different), a silk skirt and a blouse. I am happy with the quality and fit on every single item and didn’t have to return or exchange a thing. I will definitely be shopping with them again. Something to note is that all the sizes on the website are French sizes so it’s important to use their size guide to find your correct size. Now let me show you guys each item and how I styled it.

 Black Cheetah Sweater


I thought about styling this in a more creative way than just with a pair of jeans, but let’s be real, that’s exactly how I plan on wearing this sweater so that’s how I’m going to show it off. This sweater is ultra soft and ultra flattering. Anyone else a sucker for a good black sweater? The silver cheetah makes this sweater unique and the material is super soft and comfortable. I threw on a pair of dark wash jeans and black booties and was ready to go. Wanna know the best part? It’s currently on sale for only $23! You can find it on their website, here.

Red, White and Blue Collared Sweater


This one is a longer sweater that can be styled with both leggings and jeans that comes with a red collar, provides lots of warmth and puts a different spin on collared sweaters. Usually those have a pretty standard look – colored sweater, white collar. The collar is also usually made of a crisp cotton material that is used for button downs whereas the sweater is either wool, or a blend of materials used for sweaters. This one is the same material the same way through. I paired it up with blue faux dress pant leggings and white bedazzled slip ons. This is now one of my favorite sweaters that I own. This is also on sale right now ( I have pretty great timing) for $35. Find the sweater here.

Silk Floral Skirt


This is probably my favorite look of the four. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous and would be so pretty to wear in both winter time and during the summer. It is silk and feels so nice to the touch, the floral pattern is beautiful and I loved pairing this up with an all black look because the skirt gave it such a feminine touch. In the summer, I can totally envision wearing this with a white top and gold sandals. You can find the skirt here.

White “Polka Dot” Blouse


I say “polka dots” because they’re actually rectangles and are a little different but remind me so much of polka dots and look like them from afar. This blouse is not something I would typically go for but something about it was calling my name when I first found it. I personally don’t button it up all the way but I do believe that’s the way it is intended to be worn. I paired this up with a green pencil skirt and some black and white striped flats for some pattern mixing. I think this would also look great with red dress pants or colorful dress pants for work or black, if you’re more into neutrals. The blouse can be found here.


So those are the four pieces I picked up from Etam. As I mentioned earlier, I will definitely be ordering more pieces from them as I was impressed with the variety, the quality of the products, the speed of shipping and overall just had a lot of fun looking through their pieces. I would highly recommend checking them out.

As always, thanks for reading!

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